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RachmaelBenApplebaum 03-01-2013 09:17 PM

RCA<-Found my house brew
So I'm calling this one the RCA or the RyeCA, Otherwise basically a rye cream ale. Pretty simple recipe, turned out a smashing success, clean, mild, golden, delicious. Recipe/process as follows.

3#3oz Briess CBW Pilsen light
2# Briess Rye malt
1# Briess 2-row pale malt
1# rice syrup solids

1oz Hallertau 4.4%AA 60Min
.5oz Hallertau 4.4%aa 20min

21.8 IBU
O.G. 1.040
F.G. 1.011
ABV 3.9%

Safale US-05 (11grams)

Grains were mashed around 157 BIAB for 30+minutes, didn't check for starch conversion, sparged with water from a tea kettle after putting the bag in a big colander. Added rice syrup solids and proceeded with boil for the hops, added the extract after hops were done/removed and allowed to boil ~10-15 minutes. Poured into the fermenting vessel on top of a gallon-sized ice cube, cold water added once ice cube diminished approx.1/2 mass to 5.5 gallons. temp then was about 72 degrees and added the dry yeast, no rehydration no starter.

Fermented at ~68 degrees for 1 week and then moved to another location (no secondary) to cool off to 54-56 degrees for 2 weeks. Bottled with 150g corn sugar.

Calculated F.G. may not be right because I didn't take it myself, but the taste seems much drier than that. Very light yet mouth-filling taste reminiscent of a Pils. Nice mellow rye flavor/bite complimented by the more perceptible but not overwhelming nose/taste of the Hallertau. First taste made me say "DAMN, THAT'S GOOD". Definitely gonna repeat this one in two separate 5.5 gallon batches as soon as possible while the weather is still cold and I can get good fermentation temperature control in the ambient air of my house, keg one batch and bottle the other. the keg will be for summer when I'll likely actually have a fridge to put it in (I have kegs but no kegerator, sad I know) Only thing I might add is a little carapils 6-8oz's but it's so good without it that it might be overdoing it. Also though about scratching the 2-row and adding another pound of rye and throwing in some rice hulls so the sparge doesn't stick.

RachmaelBenApplebaum 04-29-2013 09:26 PM

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Perfection, Last one, sadly :(

jrb03 04-29-2013 11:23 PM

Looks great, need to try it!

RachmaelBenApplebaum 04-30-2013 02:59 AM

I finally got a pic for some eye candy. Pretty clear for a brew made without the benfit of a wort chiller or lager yeast/lagering. I've been tinkering with the recipe too and making AG conversions. Currently drinking a variation that uses Munich instead of pilsner malt and more rye and 2-row with all Saaz hops. It's also fantastic and bulkier than this light, quaffable contraption. I think the long primary at low-ish temps and kettle finings helped it get that clear. Gonna have to make it again when the weather permits, maybe an AG batch next time, though can't beat extract's time-saving qualities.

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