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hunmojo 01-12-2013 01:23 PM

Perle Hopps seem off, can someone verify w. picture.
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Hey guys im in Hungary, brewing away, picked up a few ounces of Perle Hopps, but it seems to be an off green almost into a brown color with a faint smell to them... I have yet to brew or encounter all different hop varieties, but this seems
a bit old to me if not off just yet.... I mean i remember my first batch , amarillo, and ekg, and all the other hopps i have smelled were amazing... with this I have to lean in to get a good whiff.
I know the color is going to look different on everyones computer, and the camera lighting wasn't "studio" but here is a picture. here in hungary there are only two online shops you can get brewing supplies, I have always ordered from the main one, great quality....but this time this other one was the only one that had Perle Hops, so i gave them a try...now i think im regretting it. The cost is quite high here in budapest. too. so i would miss the dollars spent as well if they are deemed crap.
thanks guys!!!

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