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two2many 01-21-2013 09:08 PM

Perfect All-grain Spring Brew
I'm looking for a great spring time all grain recipe that can be fermented at room temp. This is gonna be my second all grain batch so I want something really straight forward. Thanks!

MVKTR2 01-21-2013 09:21 PM

What do you like to drink/brew? That's the most important question as my idea of the perfect spring ag brew might be a double IPA and you may hate IPAs.

In general I'd say an APA is a great brew for spring or any time of year. Of course in Lakeland your spring comes a bit earlier than most and your winter is milder than most. I'm in MS, not too dissimilar, but not the same. I think an Irish Red Ale or a SMaSH would be fine.

For the Pale Ale go with ROUGHLY as I'm not running these #s:
8# 2-row
8 oz crystal 40 or 60
6 oz victory malt (optional but I like it in my IPA/APAs)
4 oz oatmeal or flaked oats

Hop burst with C hops Cascade etc to about 35-40 IBUs by adding hops between the 25 and 10 minute mark, think 3 additions.
Dry hop with 1.5 oz of your favorite hop for 6 days.

US-05 or Nottingham fermented 63-66 degrees

Voila success!

Of course you could alway look in the recipe section to find something you like, there are TONS of recipes!

two2many 01-22-2013 12:47 AM

Thanks! Im looking for some direction with my limitations to ale yeast. And yeah, it was a fridged 78 today so the seasons are not as well defined. I love ipa's but I have an apa in the primary. I was thinking something lite and crisp but im not sure.

Pappers_ 01-22-2013 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by two2many (Post 4811059)
I was thinking something lite and crisp but im not sure.

Light and crisp means Cream Ale for me. Here's my latest recipe for one http://www.singingboysbrewing.com/Cream_Ale.html The Saphir hops are just what I had on hand, any mild/noble hop would work - I've used Hallertauer before and enjoyed it.

As for your fermentation temps, you could try putting your fermenter in a large container with water and frozen bottles to keep the temp down a little.

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