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Colorado68 06-11-2014 02:20 AM

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This actually came out very nice and have done two more versions since.
The first didn't have as much chocolate flavor or vanilla as I thought it would have.
On the second try I omitted the vanilla and didn't notice a difference.

On the third try I bumped up the nibs and added a half packet of Land-O-Lakes white chocolate coco powder to the boil.
That was the ticket! I also tweaked the grain bill.
Started with a 1.059 and ended with 1.023 after five weeks. Three of which the nibs were racked on.

Two weeks later and this stuff is amazing!
Not a lot of chocolate but just enough to know it's there. The lactose really makes this smooth and the low ABV (4.7) goes down easy.
The oats give it a great mouth feel reminiscent of chocolate milk.
It's dark at 44 srm but not as filling as you'd think.
Reminds me of a chocolaty draught Guinness if I had to compare.

Here's Version 3.0

9lbs Marris
1 1/2 lbs oats
1 lb chocolate wheat
12 oz. cara
8 oz. black patent
8 oz. crystal 60
8 oz. pale chocolate
8 oz. special B
1.5 oz. fuggles at 60 min
1.5 oz. fuggles at 15 min
2 oz Land-O-Lakes white chocolate coco powder @ 10 min
1 lb lactose at 10 min
WLP004 w/starter
At two weeks it was racked onto the nibs and another three in secondary.
Bottled w/table sugar at 2.7vol

I just used enough vodka on the nibs to soak up the liquid as none was left when racking into secondary.

I also did a couple gallons with toasted coconut flakes and it really tastes nice.
This is a keeper recipe

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