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imrook 10-15-2012 04:51 PM

NZ Hallertau as bittering strange flavor?
I recently brewed Jamil's Amber Waves and substituted NZ Hallertau and Magnum for the bittering hops. I took my first sample yesterday and the malt flavor is spot on, but there is a subtle earthy/herbal/dark fruit taste in there I object to. I also noticed this flavor in a bock I did earlier this year that used the same hops for bittering. I had originally attributed that taste to the Wyeast 2112 strain, but I'm now thinking it's the NZ Hallertau. I was under the impression that early hop additions would lose all of their flavor, but this evidence seems to contradict that.

So I'm asking the HBT folks:

1 - Is some flavor actually contributed by bittering hops?

2 - Am I the only one who finds the subtle flavor of NZ Hallertau objectionable?

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