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Iceman6409 03-04-2013 02:59 PM

Need help formulating a recipe
Hello all. I am looking for someone that would be so kind as to help me formulate a recipe for my first time. Normally I would take a lot of time and read up on what's what but at this time time is not on my side. I would like someone to talk me through the process of choosing the grains, hops, etc. and why they are chosen and approximately how much of each should be chosen. This will be a huge learning experience for me. I don't have an exact style chosen yet but I do know it needs to be very light. Flavor is not the most import attribute for this beer as this beer will be meant to be drank in mass quantities over a short period of time. I will explain to whomever decides to help. I think we are looking for a light lager similar to Coors Light or Pabst, etc. It should be a very simple recipe. But if anyone thinks they can help talk me through this I would be HUGELY appreciative. Thank you in advance.

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