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66Fox 05-08-2012 06:01 PM

My first Big Beer a Honey Porter--take a look
I have to pause my brewing for a while. I'm being deployed. I’d like to try a bigger beer Barleywine / Braggot using my BIAB setup now that I have it dialed in. I brewed a 1 gal braggot last fall with LME and it’s OK, I’d to make one AG now. I know this will need bottled and time to condition when I get back but that’s OK with me.

From the recipe database, here is what I’d like to brew Imperial Honey Porter however, I want to scale it down to 3 gallons. Using the brewpal app on my iPhone, it gives me this recipe:

Mash temp will be around 150* for more fermentability to help get the FG under 1.020

6lbs Maris Otter
2 lbs Munich (10L)
.5 lb Crystal 60
.38 lb Carafa II (~450L) I have chocolate I could use here too
.44 lb special B
.1 lb Black barley (not malted)

1 lb honey at flameout (maybe 2?)

Hops: (It’s what I have)
1oz northern brewer @60 min
1oz cascade @ 30min
1oz Willamette @15min
1oz cascade @10min
1oz Willamette @ flameout

Yeast: Wyeast 1728 Belgian Abbey II (or Wyeast mead yeast) at least two packs and maybe in a 1 Ltr starter. I hope to have an O2 setup to use for this too.

Brew Pal says:
OG 1.102
FG 1.025 (seems high)

I know the weight of the grains are weird, I used grams to get the percentages close then went back to pounds and rounded things some. I hope to have some smoke/roast flavor like the Edmund Fitz porter fm Great Lakes.

If I give it a month in the primary then rack to a glass secondary can I keep it in the glass carboy until the fall? I have a dark crawl space where the temp wont get above 68-70* depending summer heat. Temp in the crawlspace is 60 now and will slowly rise til aug/sept then cool off again. I don’t have a small keg so this will be bottle conditioned when the time comes.

Should I lower the mash temp more?

How about adding more honey at flame out? Or in the secondary?


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