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KingBrianI 12-24-2008 05:49 PM

Murphy's Irish Stout Clone
I'd like to make a clone of murphy's but can't find a good recipe. Anyone have one? Right now the plan is to basically brew the typical guinness recipe (70% british pale, 20% flaked barley, 10% roasted barley, 1.040 OG, 38 IBU) but replace a bit of the pale malt with something like melanoidin, aromatic, special b, or even just british crystal malt. Say 0.25 lbs. Murphy's has that really nice little floral or estery flavor on the tail end that really makes it for me. I'm thinking about throwing in about a quarter oz of EKGs with either 15 minutes left or at flameout, can't decide, to replicate that little essence. Any suggestions?

Ryan 12-24-2008 06:56 PM

BYO had a recipe for Murphy's a while back, I will see if I can find it when I get a chance.

bierhaus15 12-24-2008 07:28 PM

I brewed the BYO Beamish clone a while ago, after tweaking the recipe to hell (less sugar/roasted barley, no wheat malt, and more flaked barley/chocolate malt - and used EKG and fuggles in lower amounts.) Though both Murphy's and Beamish do use a sizable proportion of sugar in their recipes.

The beer turned out great, though it tastes a lot more like Murphy's than Beamish. Probably b/c I used S-04 yeast, and that gave it a slight estery/sweet flavor that is not present in Beamish.

If you want, check out the BYO Beamish recipe and you will have a good base to start from.

bradsul 12-24-2008 09:21 PM

The BYO 150 Clones edition has Guinness, Beamish and Murphy's. I'm not sure the legality/morality of the posting the recipe so I'm not going to. But I will say that for the $6 it costs to buy and get the issue shipped to you it's a great back-issue to order!

That said I've not tried the clone so I have no idea if it's any good. But BYO is usually pretty close so it's probably a safe bet. The recipe looks pretty solid to me though.

KingBrianI 12-25-2008 04:54 PM

Well, I've found several recipes around the web and kind of conglomerated a few of them to come up with the following recipe:

5.5 gal batch
OG 1.039
IBU 36
SRM 33

5.25 lbs. British pale malt (68%)
1.5 lbs. Flaked Barley (19%)
0.75 lbs. British Roasted Barley (9.7%)
0.25 lbs. British Chocolate Malt (3.2%)

1.11 oz Northern Brewer hops (60 min.)

Nottingham yeast

Mash with 1.25 qts/lb at 152 degrees F for an hour.

I'm also planning on buying RO water from the store and adding salts to replicate Dublin water. We'll see how it goes.

KingBrianI 12-30-2008 02:50 PM

Mashing this one right now. I was half an ounce short of roasted barley so I subbed an additional half ounce of the chocolate malt. I was also short on Northern Brewer hops so I used Bramling Cross to get the other half of my bitterness. It's my first time with Bramling Cross but I've heard it contributes some neat fruity flavors to the beer when used to bitter so I'm happy with the substitution. I'm not using any rice hulls so I hope I don't get stuck!

KingBrianI 02-25-2009 12:52 AM

This one is really turning out nice. It's got enough age on it that the roasted character is very smooth and tastes very similar to Murphy's, although I'll need to compare the two side-by-side to really check for the similarity. I think I'll bottle up some of these for the longshot contest.

jgoette 10-19-2010 04:12 AM

sorry to reanimate this zombie thread (it is the halloween season though, right?), but how did this murphy's clone end up compared to the real thing? Have you made any adjustments to the recipe? I would like to get something like this going next after my edwort's apfelwein is outta the primary

TrickyDick 11-04-2010 09:47 PM

I wanted to chime in too.

For the bierhaus 15 Beamish brew,

I've got the BYO mag with the recipe for Beamish, and ALSO a Sep 2008 VOl 14 No 5 issue that discusses the style and the big three Stouts from Ireland. The recipes for the Beamish "style" stout in the Sep 08 article is WORLDS apart from their 150 classic clone recipes magazine that is supposedly the actual Beamish recipe.

I WAS going to brew this tomorrow, but I think it bears some further consideration...

I'd like to hear more details on the major tweaking stuff that went into making the Beamish clone.

Of the big 3 I'd say Murphy's was prob my favorite, but they're all quite nice. Also, anyone got a Murphy's RED clone? I've heard this exists but have never actually seen it, even in Ireland.


bierhaus15 11-04-2010 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by TrickyDick (Post 2384187)
I've got the BYO mag with the recipe for Beamish, and ALSO a Sep 2008 VOl 14 No 5 issue that discusses the style and the big three Stouts from Ireland. The recipes for the Beamish "style" stout in the Sep 08 article is WORLDS apart from their 150 classic clone recipes magazine that is supposedly the actual Beamish recipe.

Unfortunately, the 150 clone recipes for Beamish and Murphy's are NOT the actual ones. They are worlds apart from the real thing. I have a soft spot in my heart for Beamish as I lived in Cork near the brewery for some years, and have spent a lot of time trying to clone this great beer.

The grist for the real "Beamish" or at least what the recipe was before Heineken bought it, is: Pale Malt, roasted barley, wheat malt, and sugar for 10% of the grist. The grain is mashed at 152 and the wort is diluted to 1.040 from the kettle. Hopping rates are higher than Murphy's and Guinness.

I have tried to clone this beer quite a few times and although I have come close, I can't say I've cloned it entirely. I think the key to this beer is to not use too much roasted barley and using one with a lower srm. There should be some roast flavors with some underlying smokey-chocolate ones too. This is my latest clone attempt and probably the best so far (93% cloned).

78% Pale Malt, UK
10% malted wheat
7% roasted barley (300L)
5% chocolate malt

1.042// EKG for 28 IBU// 35 SRM// Ferment with Pacman @ 66-68F//

I probably will brew this again here soon, though this time I might include 3% of crystal 80L to help round out the flavor profile a bit. Also, I have tried cloning this beer using a more authentic grist - sugar included, but found that it was a bit too watery and the addition of chocolate malt really helps add some of that bitter-chocolate complexity that is found in the real stuff.

Lastly, the stuff in nitrocans is NO WAY similar tasting to the stuff on tap. For one, they had to ship their beer from Cork to England to have it bottled, as they lacked a bottling facility, and then had to have it shipped back. Even when I was living in Ireland I would never touch the stuff in cans, as the two tasted like completely different beers.

Hope that helps! :D

Also, I have tried Murphy's Red. Not worth drinking... I was told it was brewed for export to the Netherlands/Germany only. Though that may not be the case anymore.

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