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944play 01-03-2009 12:18 AM

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Originally Posted by DeathBrewer View Post
it's MUCH darker and stronger when used for 100% of the grist. Vienna Malt can be used as a base for just about any type of malty beer. munich is much more powerful.
The Munich I used, from AHS (not sure what maltster), is 4-7L. Pretty close to Vienna AFAIK. I was targeting Vienna lager from hearing the Jamil Show where Ray Daniels suggested* that a VL could be made from 100% Munich.

Attached photo is my 1.049 Munich SMaSH. Flash photo makes it look a LOT darker than the mere golden it really is.

Death, I have two BMBF'd bottles left... want one?

*"If you make it at the low end of the range, 1.048 with all Munich malt, nothing else, it would probably be incredible Vienna."

AnOldUR 01-19-2009 05:54 AM

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Finally got around to brewing this SMaSH. I liked DeathBrewers idea of a Munich Dunkel. To help with the color I tried roasting (or is it toasting?) 1½ pounds of the Munich (350 degrees for 20 minutes.) It did a good job of darkening the grain and gave it a nutty taste. The whole house was filled with a nice aroma. Also boiled the mash-out decoction for 20 minute in hope of adding to the color. The combination must have worked. This is the darkest SMaSH I’ve ever done. Used a new MLT and got better efficiency. The planned 1.047 OG @ 65% became 1.056 @ 78%. Almost out of style, but just makes it.

Thanks for the input. Now I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

AnOldUR 01-19-2009 04:10 PM

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Just another picture. This batch took off quickly on the Munich Lager yeast slurry. The krausen is interesting. Looks better in person. It's like a landscape with snow-covered mountains, or may be a chocolate dessert with whipped cream on it.

Yum! Anyone got a spoon?

AnOldUR 04-09-2009 01:58 PM

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Originally Posted by AnOldUR View Post
Does this mean that I have the last remaining bottle from this batch?
Originally Posted by 944play View Post
Yes, but there will be more.

Finally found the right time to do a side by side with your Munich/Tett. Your bottle had a couple of months of additional conditioning since DeathBrewer’s review and this did make a difference. It poured with fluffy head that dissipated in a few minutes, leaving a thin layer. Carbonation level was fine. There was no fruity or hop aroma, just a bit of the roasty Munich coming through along with some malt. Flavor was toasty and dry with a nice level of bittering. Overall a delicious treat. It’s sad to know that this is the last from the batch.

As for any comparison, the Munich character comes through on both, but in a different way. These are two totally different beers and it’s amazing to know that we started with the same ingredients. I’ll leave a review of mine to someone less bias, but will say that it is a much softer version and lacks the dry finish. I hope I get a chance to bottle some before the weekend. We have a crowd coming over for Easter and I’d hate to see it kick without having saved some.

Here's a picture of the two. Background lighting comes through better on yours, but the color difference is still noticeable.

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