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hollowdp 08-02-2008 03:55 AM

Munich Helles Ale?
So during the late May sale at AHS I picked up a munich helles kit for my first lager. The 6lbs of extra pale malt have been sitting in the closet at between 72 and 74 degrees for 2 months, the 1lb of Munich with .25lb of pilsner along with the 2 oz of Vanguard are in the freezer. I guess I got a little bummed out when I saw that it was extra pale malt extract and not pilsner malt extract and forgot about it. Maybe I'm being too picky but if I'm going to culture up a big yeast starter and dedicate a fermenter to long lagering I want it to be perfect. So, I've been thinking about either fermenting the recipe as is but at low ale temps with US-05 or supplementing/substituting to make something else.

Here's what I have on hand:
2oz Vanguard 4.4%AA
.75oz Super Styrian 7%AA
.75oz UK Challenger 7.5%AA
.5oz Target 10%AA
.25oz Liberty 4%AA

.65lb Crystal 120L
1lb Munich + .25lb Pilsner (mixed and crushed already)

I have to make a trip to the LHBS tomorrow anyways since I don't have yeast so it's wide open but I wouldn't mind using up some leftovers either.

What would you do?

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