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jcarson83 06-15-2006 10:17 PM

Mirror Pond by Deschutes
I spent a few years in Oregon and my favorite small batch beer out there was Mirror Pond by Deschutes brewery. I've been looking around the internet and can't find a good clone that I trust. I found one that used 3 1/2lbs of malt extract but that seemed like it wasn't enough for a 5 gallon batch. I've only messed with kits up until now so I'm not really comfortable with using a recipe from some random website.

If anyone has run across a good Mirror Pond clone post it here.

I'll keep it updated if I find one.

jcarson83 06-16-2006 12:56 AM


Found this one. Anyone have any comments about the ingredients?

david_42 06-16-2006 01:42 PM

Well, Rob makes some very fine ales. I haven't tasted this one, but note that he calls it a "modified clone".

StudentBrewer 06-16-2006 08:13 PM

Likewise, Mirror Pond is one of my absolute favorite Brews (except maybe for their new Inversion IPA). I've got two different extract/specialty grain clones which are decent. The first is from Clone Brews:

3lbs DME (or 4.5lbs DME if not using specialty grains)
2lbs pale malt
1 lb crystal 20l

6aau cascade 60min
6aau cascade 15min
Wyeast 1056/equivalent
10aau cascade dryhop

Here is the recipe that I like better (from my LHBS):

6lbs DME
.5lb 45l English Crystal
1 oz cascade 60min
1 oz cascade 20 min
1 oz cascade 0 min
Wyeast 1056/equivalent
1 oz cascade dry hop

jcarson83 06-20-2006 11:44 AM

Hey thanks for the response. I ended up ordering the book off Amazon. I wanted the detailed recipe since all I've done so far is kits. Also it had some other beers in there that I might try.

Glibbidy 06-20-2006 12:44 PM

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Did someone say mirror pond?:rockin:

Glibbidy 06-22-2006 12:24 PM

FWIW my friend forwarded me a page with several recipes on it from a random website :p . I think he wants 10 gallons for his 50th birthday or something. BTW this recipe uses almost 11 lbs combined malts.

Mirror Pond Clone
Recipe type: Partial Mash
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Starting Gravity: 1.055
Finishing Gravity: 1.012
Time in Boil: 1 hour
Primary Fermentation: 7 days
Secondary Fermentation: 7 days
Additional Fermentation: 3 weeks bottle carbonation

7 lbs. Pale malt extract
1 lb. 20L Crystal malt
1 1/2 lbs. 2 row pale malt
1/2 lb. Munich malt
2 oz. Cascade hops (60 min)
2 oz. Cascade hops (30 min)
1 oz. Cascade hops (last 5 min)
1 oz. Cascade hops (last 1 min. or dry hop)
#1028 London ale yeast

Single step mash the grains in 3 quarts of water at 152 for one hour. Sparge with 6 more quarts at 170. Add this to 3 gallons of water with the extracts and boil for 1 hour using the listed hop schedule. (Irish moss, wort chill, aireate, and yeast pitch as per own styles)

jcarson83 06-22-2006 04:27 PM

Nice. I might use that one. I'll wait until I get the book to compare though.

Is that considered a mini mash? I've been using kits and what it calls for is to put the grains in a sock that comes with it and steep at 170 for one hour. Sound close to the same but I do it will three gallons of water and don't sparge.

jcarson83 06-26-2006 05:27 PM

After further research on IBUs glibiddys recipe came to about 68 IBU. Am I doing somthing wrong? Deschutes website calls for 40 IBU.

Glibbidy 06-26-2006 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by jcarson83
After further research on IBUs glibiddys recipe came to about 68 IBU. Am I doing somthing wrong? Deschutes website calls for 40 IBU.

Works backwards from your IBU's. Choose the amount of IBU's you desire, and AAU of those hops, and then come up with the qty of hops that matches your needs. Keep in mind this isn't actualy my recipe, but something from a random website.

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