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todd_k 03-30-2006 05:54 PM

Looking for partial mash recipe
I'm not sure what I want to do next. I know I would like to "build" my own and not buy a kit. So far I've done a Pale Ale, Irish Red, and an IPA. I've never been a huge fan of porters and brown ales, can't do a lager due to temperature restrictions, and stouts are always hit or miss with me. I also prefer beers with a more hoppy flavor over beers with a more malty flavor.

I think I'm contractually obligated to do a SNPA and/or Fat Tire clone although I've never had a Fat Tire. :D

Any suggestions????

Baron von BeeGee 03-30-2006 06:02 PM

Beer Captured has partial mash recipes for most (or all??) of the recipes. I would acquire a copy, or if you shop at a LHBS they most likely have a store copy you could peruse for free and 'roll your own' right on the spot, just depending on what looks good at the moment.

McCall St. Brewer 03-30-2006 06:14 PM

Try doing a kolsch. I have almost finished drinking one batch and have a new one in the secondary. They end up very similar to a lager and can be very hoppy if you like. I am not home now, but could post a recipe if you would like one. Actually, if you do a search for my posts I think I did post it recently.

Ivan Lendl 03-30-2006 06:32 PM

for the love of god dont do a snpa!

youve already got a pa, id suggest since im also in VA and its 70 degrees today, do a quick, low gravity session bitter.

Keep it low gravity (1.040) and simple, like 3 lbs. dme, 3 lbs 2-row and 1/2-1 lbs. crystal 20

throw in an ounce of challenger @ 60 and an ounce of ek gold/fuggles or whatever enlgish hops you like at 0, throw some english yeast in there and your done...

todd_k 03-31-2006 01:13 AM

Why a low gravity bitter instead of a high gravity bitter?

brewhead 03-31-2006 01:36 AM


I know I would like to "build" my own and not buy a kit.
beertools.com has a plethora of recipes to get you started. and if you decide to become a member - their online interface allows you to create your own recipes fairly simple.

and you can select extract/partial/or ag and what kind of grains you want to search for etc.

very handy

Ivan Lendl 03-31-2006 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by HurricaneFloyd
Why a low gravity bitter instead of a high gravity bitter?

just cuz its probably gonna be 70 degrees from now on untill summer, im just thinking something that will ferment fast, and could be bottled in 2.5 weeks or so...and by the time you drink it it will be nearing summer, so im thinking youd want somthing lite you could pound!

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