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1984CJ 04-11-2006 11:20 AM

Looking for a chocolate stout recipe
Does anybody have a recipe (All grain, partial mash or extract) for a Youngs Double chocolate stout clone?

Or just a good chocolate stout recipe.

wild 04-12-2006 10:40 AM

Beer Captured has the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout which I believe in an Imperial.


Baron von BeeGee 04-13-2006 04:52 PM

Received the latest edition of BYO last night and it has a clone for Young's Double Chocolate (as well as Fuller's London Ale & Porter!).

Ivan Lendl 04-13-2006 05:12 PM

Heres a modified 'brooklyn chocolate stout' from the brewery:

3 lbs. dme
5 lbs. 2-row
1 lbs. chocolate malt
4 oz. roasted barley
6 oz. black patent

2 oz. fuggles (60 min.)
1 oz. willamette (10 min.)

irish ale yeast
8 tsp. gypsum
1/4 tsp. irish moss

og 1.052
ibu 32

fa1321tx 04-17-2006 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by 1984CJ
Does anybody have a recipe (All grain, partial mash or extract) for a Youngs Double chocolate stout clone?

Or just a good chocolate stout recipe.

I love Youngs Double Chocolate I brewed this recipe from my LHBS and it was really good.

DAVID'S DOUBLE CHOCOLATE STOUT Purchase Kit: Liquid or Dry yeast

Dark brown, roasty, malty smooth, with a distinctive chocolatey finish
6 lbs. dark malt extract
1 lb. domestic special pale malt
1 lb. medium crystal malt
1/2 lb. roast unmalted barley
1/4 lb. chocolate malt
1/2 lb. oatmeal
1/2 - 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa (add to end of boil)
1 oz. Northern Brewer (bittering)
1/2 oz. U.K. Fuggles (flavoring)
No finishing hops (add cocoa instead)
1 pkg. Windsor Ale Yeast (or White Labs English Ale or Wyeast #1968)
1 pkg. Bru-Vigor (yeast food)
3/4 cup corn sugar (priming)
O.G. - 1.049
F.G. - 1.012

trainguy 04-29-2006 01:24 AM

I am also looking for the Youngs Chocolate recipe. I have copied the recipe that you posted but would ask that you also post the procedure in brewing this beer. I am fairly new to homebrewing so any additional information would be helpful. A step by step procedure to brewing this beer would be great, but any help would be greatly appriciated.

mrrrkva 11-24-2011 05:07 PM

OK after looking at several different recipes, this is what I came up with. Only substitution I am using is STYRIAN Goldings instead of EAST Kent goldings. Can you tell me if this will effect recipe that much??? Also, what do you think about the rest of it?

I want it to be closer to the real thing at Beer smith is telling me that with 26 lbs of grain it will only be 6.8%! Is that right? Also I only have 15 gallon kettles. How would you up the alcohol to be more like clone"?

** Reason for substitution, beer store didnt have it**
10 Gallon batch

21 Lbs. Pale Malt 2 row
8 oz Breiss Roasted Barley 6 row UNMALTED lovibond 300
1 LB. Special B (Dingmens)
8 oz Breis Caramel malt 90L (recipe calls for 60)
1 Lb Chocolate Malt (6 row breiss LOVI 350)
8 0z Muntons Black Malt

1 lb Flaked OATS (recipe calls for MALTED, is this a big deal)

1.50 oz Cascade at 60 min.
1 oz fuggles at 10 min
1 oz SYRIAN goldings at 10 min
1 0z Williamette at 5 min
1 oz SYRIAN golding at 5 min.

2 Packages of Safale us-05

30g GYPSUM before boil.

OldWorld 11-24-2011 05:15 PM

The easy route...

3LBS light malt extract
1LB black strap molasses
3LBS pale chocolate
2LBS Munich
1/2LB brown sugar

This will make a very thick viscous stout. Don't fear the entire pound of molasses. The flavors will boil off...

Hop tets and willamette...

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