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BigTuna 12-05-2012 09:44 PM

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Are you looking for a beer that is bready the whole way through? If so that might be quite hard to do. The best way to get what your looking for is with Victory or Biscuit malt at about 8%-10%. You can also affect the mouthfeel with some flaked Oat or wheat.

Next thing I would try is to find a decent yeast that doesn't put off to many fruit or strong esters. The WLP099 seems fine but you could try WYeast British Ale or equivalent.

Definitely Mash for atl east 60 mins to make sure you have decent conversion. Keep in mind that the lower you mash the drier it will come out. I'd prob mash this beer at 156.

I just brewed an AG Biscuit Brown ale. Attached is how I accomplished a nice biscuity taste.

Good Luck

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