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jheld00 03-07-2012 08:22 PM

Leak and possible leak in hop package...
So i was taking inventory of the hops i have in my freezer today. I noticed that a one pound package of Ahtanum had a small hole in it that wasnt there when i got them(Hop Union package). Also i noticed a package of a pound of Citra was very loose compared to when they arrived(Hopsdirect mylar package) i didnt see any point of rupture on the bag. So I sealed them in food saver bags and stick them back in the freezer. I did smell them before resealing them they had some decent aroma to them. Not as strong as im used to but still noticeable. I am worried that they might have gone stale. I am discouraged by the Citra since i only had that pound and its next to impossible to find. Should i be worried or am i just over thinking this?:confused:

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