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KyleWolf 05-11-2010 03:23 AM

last minute critiques before brewing, Lemongrass/Pomegranate Wheat
Hey everyone,

I have worked and tweaked this recipe here and there, and ready to brew (for SWMBO) and I just wanted one final spot check before I proceed.

0.50 lb Rice Hulls
4.50lb Pale 2-row
4.50lb White Wheat
0.25lb Crystal/Caramel 20L

(fyi, the grain bill can not be altered, with the exception of the rice hulls, because I bought this from brewmasters warehouse and they premilled and shipped all the grains in a single bag)

0.25 oz 45 min boil Warrior
0.50 oz 25 min boil Willamette
0.50 oz 05 min boil Amarillo

1 pkg Wyeast Bavarian Wheat 3638

1.50 oz 05min boil shaved whole lemongrass
0.50 oz 05min boil crushed coriander

1 whole stalk Lemongrass coarsely shaved- 7 days secondary
32oz POM pomegranate juice- 7 days secondary

at 70% efficiency, I am looking at
OG: 1.045
FG: 1.012
IBU: 20.2
ABV: 4.25%

60min boil total

60min mash at 150F

My big question marks reside around the lemongrass in secondary and POM in secondary...The lemongrass should act as a good aromatic, and the POM should ferment out atleast some, though I doubt anyone knows the ppg of POM juice...maybe i'll be the first to find out :-p

Think I should move the POM to primary? or half-way through primary instead of waiting till secondary? I imagine it would have fermented out in 7 days right? I am running late on this brew and wanted it ready before the heat wave of summer hits.

Thanks to everyone in advance! happy brewing.

sonetlumiere85 05-11-2010 04:38 AM

You can always add the pomegranate juice right after the krausen falls, and it'll reliably ferment out. Your hop schedule is really strange for a fruit beer, but that's another conversation.

northernlad 05-11-2010 05:12 AM

I have a sort of flavor radar when it comes to food. It is telling me that this combination will turn out under your expectations. I hope you will prove me wrong, but...

KyleWolf 05-11-2010 05:24 AM

I wasnt planning on this being a true "fruit beer", I wanted notes of the pomegranate, but I wanted it in the background, only slightly noticeable. Overall it may have just a tad too much hop for the beer to handle and that is something I am considering before I actually produce the beer. One reason I chose amarillo and willamette is because they are what I had. Also, Amarillo should provide a lovely aroma (atleast in my mind) to mix with the fruity esters of the yeast and grassy qualities of the lemongrass.

Northernlad, I have similar worries. my hopes are that the lemongrass and POM will only slightly be noticeable as I wasn't looking for anything overly pronounced. My biggest concern was a medium dry finish and good appealing nose.

Thanks for your comments so far!

alcibiades 05-11-2010 05:53 AM

id be afraid that POM will ferment out and taste "hoochy" - not like actual pomegranate

KyleWolf 05-11-2010 03:55 PM

Maybe I will knock down the POM to 16oz, that way just in case it doesn't work the way I hoped, the damage will be minimal.

adamjab19 05-11-2010 07:25 PM

I'd be careful with that yeast. It could really crowd the pallet with it's flavors plus the lemon grass and pomegranate?? I'd assume use a cleaner yeast with those two flavors.

With the lemon grass additions just keep tasting after you add it. With the juice add a little at a time. Unless you have good word that 32oz gives you a certain flavor I would start with maybe 16oz wait a few days and re-evauate. But I am conservative when I add things to my beers.

Furthermore, unless you are lucky, fruit/spice beers for me always take me a couple tries before I get it right. So many variables involved and subjective tastes. Be patient! And report back afterwards!

bovineblitz 05-11-2010 09:00 PM

Those hops seem odd to me. With fruit beers I'd go with earthy and spicy over citrusy.

KyleWolf 05-11-2010 09:44 PM

As I said, I was planning on having the pomegranate only vaguely there...so it will not take on much of that fruit beer characteristic (thats the plan anyway). All the same, would this hop schedule look a little better?

.25 oz Columbus 45min boil
.25 oz Willamette 15min boil
.25 oz Willamette 5min boil

Willamette is a mild but somewhat spicy/earthy hop. (these are also what I have available to me besides a little warrior and simcoe).

Adamjab, unfortunately, changing yeast isnt an option as I order this all as a pack. But I know this yeast is known for big flavors and that is something I will have to be careful about. I am hoping all the lemongrass I am using in secondary will cut through it. Also, my original plan did only call for 16oz of POM...but someone convinced me that was no where near enough...though I doubt he ever actually used POM in a beer...

KyleWolf 05-12-2010 07:54 PM

After reading everyone's comments and suggestions, I think I have to agree and say there might be too much going on with this beer when you factor in the yeast I am using.

I think I will cut out the Pomegranate all together and just have it be lemongrass and coriander. maybe change the hop back to amarillo...we'll see.

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