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MattTimBell 02-18-2011 09:53 PM

Kitchen Sink Random Stout (i.e. "emergency" recipe)
Hi all,

I just found out from the wife the very happy news that we are co-hosting an early St. Paddy's day dinner for my mother-in-law and some friends in just over two weeks. I'm all out of stout! Those two facts together give me an excellent reason to get rid of random odds and ends I've been collecting from other batches.......

My goal is to make a small batch (2 gal) of a relatively small beer (around 4% ABV). I'm throwing all my random ingredients at it. That's the plan, anyway. Just in case, I thought I'd post a couple questions on it here, in case anyone with the experience can look at it and go "Blech! Please, for the love of St. Patrick, don't!" Or, alternately....:)

Here's what I've got:
1 lb. 6 row pale malt
1 lb. Munich malt
2 lbs. home smoked alder malt
4 oz. wheat malt
1 lb. oatmeal
1/2 lb roasted barley

Mash at 152 F for 60 min.
Sparge to get about 2 and 3/4 gal of wort.

Boil for 60 min down to 2 gal, adding 1/2 oz. Cascade hops.

Unorthodox, I know, but ferment with Red Star bread yeast. (I've used this with a plambic I brewed, following some of Oldsock's work, and it worked great. There, the reason was to get a slight lacto affect, which, I take it, gives a kick to Guiness -- hence why I think it may work here.)

What'll this recipe do? Any huge warning signs?

Also: I've never had luck before getting smoke flavors to stick. They always seem to evaporate away in the boil. Anyone have any thoughts on how to avoid this?

Thanks for your thoughts!

-- Matt

Oldsock 02-19-2011 11:30 AM

I might up the hops for a bit of added defense against the Lacto, Irish stouts also tend to be pretty bitter. You are drinking it so young that it probably doesn't matter much though.

Smoke flavor certainly does seem to get boiled off, using more smoked malt is the easiest solution. I actually find that it can take a couple months for my smoked beers to clean up and then the smoke comes through more (most smoked beers are lagers).

Glad to hear the bread yeast trick worked in a Lambic. Good luck on this one.

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