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RandomBeerGuy 09-27-2011 04:10 PM

Kitchen Sink Pale Ale (AG)
Ok, so I had a bunch of random stuff and decided to brew a kitchen sink pale ale. This is an AG batch where I hit 86% eff. Enjoy let me know what you think. Its fermenting as we speak and its very hoppy :rockin:

7.5lbs of 2row pale US (top off the head, will correct if it was 6.5lbs)
2lbs of flaked corn

1oz Chinook @ 60 (pellet)
.5oz Cascade @ 25 (whole)
2.5oz Citra @ 5 (whole and wet)
2.5oz Citra @ 2 (whole and wet) ps: Citra smells awesome :rockin:

1 tbsp Irish Moss @ 10

WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt Yeast

Mashed at 156 for 60 min, sparged at 167 for +1 hr. (took forever slow and steady) Boil for 60 min, hop additions, Moss addition, cool 70 degress and pitch.

OG 1.060 Very hoppy, citra smells great!

Placed in fermentor around 1030pm. Woke up at 7am it was already fermenting.

Let me know what your thoughts and did I go too far with hops? IBU is over 85.

Cheers, :mug:

RandomBeerGuy 10-02-2011 11:45 PM

Update: Racked it this afternoon. SG 1.018 from 1.060. Tasting notes, Fruity like pineapple with a light bitterness. I decided to dry hop with .25oz of cascade for complexity.

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