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GuitarGumption 08-23-2012 03:39 PM

Just brewed: Variation on Munich Oatmeal Stout
After reading the "Best Laid Plans" thread about that Munich based oatmeal stout, I had to try a version. I wanted a stout with about 5.5% abv. so I kept the proportions that were used for a 6.5 gallon batch for my 5.5 gallon batch. I then also added 2 lbs. Marris Otter to the recipe. Here's my recipe then:

8.5 lbs. light Munich
2 lbs. Marris Otter
.66 Chocolate
.66 Roasted Barley
1 lbs. Quaker Oats

1 oz. Centennnial 10.5% for 60 minutes

I used White Labs British Ale yeast, starter prepared 24 hrs. ahead.

So far it looks great, and I got an OG of 1.061, a little higher than my expected of 1.058 or so. Any thoughts on how this should turn out compared to the original? Thanks for any input. :mug:

GuitarGumption 09-24-2012 03:12 AM

Well if anyone cares, this ended up taking about a month to fully ferment out with this yeast, but it finally got down to 1.018 after that long. It seemed to get stuck a little sweet around 1.028 for a while, but I'm glad I just let it stay in the primary for a while, as it did keep going.

Just transferred, cooled, and started force carbing. It tastes awesome, rich and creamy and smooth. :)

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