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dcp27 01-03-2013 03:51 PM

IPL & schwarz split-batch
I plan on doing a large mash of maibock and splitting the runnings. 2/3 will be hopped like an IPA and the remainder will get diluted & specialty malts to make a schwarz. Let me know what you think

Main Mash
15# Pils
5# Munich

mash @152F, boil 90mins

IPL (5G, 1.068 OG, 55 IBUs, 7 SRM)
10# Pils
3.3# Munich 10L
0.5oz Columbus @FWH
0.75oz Simcoe @15
0.25oz Cascade @15
2.25oz Simcoe @5
0.75oz Cascade @5
3oz Simcoe @Dry hop (half at diacetly rest, half in keg)
1oz Cascade @Dry hop (half at diacetly rest, half in keg)
W34/70 slurry

Schwarz (3.5G, 1.058 OG, 28 IBUs, 25 SRM)
5# Pils
1.7# Munich 10L
0.75# Melanoidin (steep)
0.5# Carafa I (steep)
0.25# Caramunich I (steep)
1oz Vangaurd @60
W34/70 slurry

ferment @50F for 2 weeks, lager in keg

tennesseean_87 01-26-2013 11:22 PM

Did you ever do this? I did something similar (link in my sig) with a Special Bitter and IPA. My next brew day is going to be mashing enough for 6 gallons of 1.06 beer with a grist of mostly Pils, then dilute half the runnings to 1.05 for a pils and add sugar to the other half for a Tripel.

Just make sure you can mix your runnings well, so that you get an equal gravity in each.

dcp27 01-27-2013 04:54 AM

i did. unfortunately the roast came out too strong & it ended up underattenuated (complete mystery) in the schwarz so i decided to throw brett (B&L) into it. the IPL is currently dry hopping & carbing/lagering, but it tasted great going in

gl w/ the pils/tripel, sounds like a good pairing

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