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sully 07-11-2007 02:01 AM

indian steamer?
hello im sully
this has been in the bottle for two weeks, tried one after work today, very good. this is obviously very hoppy suprisingly the hops work very well together, nice maltiness. no style guidelines in my house.

12 lbs two-row
8 oz crystal 60
1 lb munich

1oz columbus at mash in
1 oz simcoe fwh
1 oz simcoe 60 min
1 oz simcoe 30 min
1 oz columbus 10 min
1 oz simcoe 5 min

wlp810 slurry from previous batch of steam beer

60 min single infusion mash at 152*f
primary for two weeks at 60*f
secondary one week at 60*f
prime with 1.25 cups lite dme
bottle condition
stick in fridge
leave in fridge as long as you can
hope someone tries this it is very good

FlyingHorse 07-11-2007 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by sully
hello im sully

Hey sully. Welcome! :mug:

hope someone tries this it is very good
Sounds good! You might want to post the AA's and type of hops (pellet or whole) you used...will make it easier for someone to more faithfully replicate your brew.

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