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mandoman 09-30-2008 04:10 PM

iipa 'scaling up' question and critique recipe
I'm getting ready to brew a big iipa. I have a ten gallon system and originally was going to brew a 10 gallon batch. After researching (jz, palmer, daniels) and looking at recipes I'm wondering how much wort loss I will have with so many whole and pellet hops and also loss in the secondary during dry hopping. Jamil and others suggest 'scaling up' the recipe to account for absorption but I'm wondering - does this mean scale up everything including grains and hops? basically, i've taken a hodgepodge of recipes 'scaled up' a 5 gallon batch by 20% and come up with something I think might work. ideas? opinions? suggestions?

20 lbs 2 row
2 lb munich
1.5 lb wheat
0.5 crystal 40
2 lbs corn sugar in boil

1.25 qt/gal mash = 7.5 gallons strike water at 170 for 158 mash

7.5 gallons batch sparge @ 170

1 oz chinook MH
1 oz chinook 90
2 oz magnum 90
1 oz millenium 45 (hey, i have it lying around)
1 oz cent 30
2 oz amarillo 0
1 oz cent 0
2 oz amarillo dry
3 oz cent dry

I'm using the wheat and munich to get some flavor and body as well as the high mash temp as I have no carapils or similar and have had body issues in my regular ipas

the chinook and millenium are pellets but I'll have 5 oz whole flowers in the boil. On threads around here I've seen some estimates of absorption volumes per hop ounce but don't really know what to expect. Promash estimates a pre boil volume of around 10 gallons and I expect to lose a gallon or so to the boil, maybe a half gallon to the cfc and kettle, and XX gallons to the hops but want to end up with 6 gallons or so in the primary to account for 5 oz whole dry hop.

I guess my concern is that I will leave too much in the boil, overestimating the losses, and lose some gravity points.

Thanks for any help, y'all


EvilTOJ 10-02-2008 11:40 AM

Doesn't promash have an option for scaling up a recipe automatically instead of trying to do it manually? 22 lbs of fermentables is a LOT for a 6 gallon batch. It's been my experience that to double the batch size is to double the grains, but add around 20% to 50% more hops or so. My workaround for the hop wort absorption is to squeeze the hell out of the hop bags once the wort is cool enough.

Chriso 10-02-2008 06:14 PM

That's a hell of a recipe for 6 gallons. 1.117 OG, 1.029 FG, 164 IBUs. 11% ABV.

Ironically, BeerSmith gives EXACTLY. EXACTLY the strike volume you mentioned. 7.5 gallons strike, 4.17 gal sparge, nets 8.08 preboil for 90 minute boil.

If I take it up to a 120min boil, I get 4.45 gal sparge, nets 8.65 gal.

Estimated pre-boil grav is 1.088.

I think you're probably on the right track with these numbers.

mandoman 10-03-2008 11:23 AM

thanks, guys. I ended up with almost 9 gallons in the boil and 6+ to the fermenter. OG was 1.09. All went well except my hop bag fell off the hanger with about 2 oz pellets and 2 oz whole in it. Oh well, I used my IC instead of CFC, got it down to 70 and pitched. It's in 68 water bath/t shirt right now.

I'll have to check out the scaling up option in promash. I guess I was underestimating the volume. I struck with 7.5 and sparged with about 5, which was mostly guessing and measuring runnings.

Thanks for the replies!!

OH, the aroma was insane - smelled like ruination - and that's without the dry hops. Tasted the hydrometer and it was bitter as crap. One week or so in primary, rack to hops for a few days and to the keg. I hope I can wait a good 4-5 weeks before sampling a carb'd beer.


mandoman 10-20-2008 07:13 PM

oh man, the waiting is the hardest part. This puppy had been on 4 oz whole dry hops (cent/amarillo) for one week. I'm going to keg it off of 'em at day 10 but I imagine it will be maturing for awhile. I think I might have to taste it at 4 weeks which is oct 30. so far so good.

Anbrew 10-20-2008 08:49 PM

Good call on the corn sugar! I made a VERY similar IIPA last year and I personally don't like my IIPAs to finish very sweet.

I recommend not aging it for too long. Hop flavors start to fade :( I actually liked mine best when it was in the bottle for 2 weeks.

mandoman 10-23-2008 12:46 PM

thanks for the encouragement - i'm putting it on co2 today at day 21!


mandoman 11-05-2008 02:41 AM

holy crap. Even my wife agrees. First sniff gives a bit of alcohol, a definite amarillo/cent. aroma. First sip is a bit hard - strong alcohol (9.5%). Second sip makes you more interested. 3rd sip, you're ready to drink this beer until you fall down. I highly recommend any hop likers to do their own iipa. I am so friggin' proud right now.

I serve it in wine glasses as they're all I have on hand that will trap the aroma. I think the serving size and glass shape are perfect. Aroma stay in even after the beer is finished.


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