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JohnnyVee 09-13-2011 10:03 PM

I have two weeks- Looking for a brew recipe
Can anyone suggest a recipe that can be ready to keg in 2 weeks or less? I am not able to lager. I can do AG or extract (prefer AG since I just got my set up :) ). I only have two AG's under my belt so I'm not really sure where to start. Thanks in advance for you help!

corwin6654 09-13-2011 10:11 PM

If you are looking for something to be ready that quickly, I would suggest a very low ABV beer. Probably something like a mild would be good. Check out this thread http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f67/reap...tition-239228/

iahebert 09-13-2011 10:44 PM

+1 on the mild, also any basic pale ale, porter, or stout would probably be good to go. The fact you're kegging helps by like a million times.

Yooper 09-13-2011 10:48 PM

A mild, lower gravity Belgian blonde, lower OG pale ale, a hefeweizen, an American wheat, or an English bitter would all work.

The keys- pitch plenty of yeast! Consult mrmalty.com for the pitching calculator. Keep fermentation temperature under 70, but above 64. Use a highly flocculant yeast (S04 comes to mind), and don't use a ton of complex ingredients. I'd stay away from stouts (due to the roasty flavors that can need time to mellow), any beer above 1.050 or so, and anything with spices.

Otherwise, you can make many different beers!

JohnnyVee 09-13-2011 11:33 PM

Thanks for the quick responses!!! They really helped out a lot. I'll check out the mild and maybe look into the recipe section of the site for a blonde. Cheers! :mug:

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