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tgrier 02-03-2010 12:37 AM

Hops in Freezer but not air tight
yeah I know old issue.


I read through this. It sounds like it is not a good idea.

Point is ... I think I am getting some off flavors with my cascade.
I brewed a basic pale with all cascade (the hops in question) to see if I still got the flavor. I think It is a little off. Difficult to explain it.

Anyway.. thoughts?

Irrenarzt 02-03-2010 12:53 AM

oxidation is a beyotch!

shortyjacobs 02-03-2010 01:55 AM

My question is, why? Seal em up. Cost me around 42 bucks.

7 bucks for quart Mason Jars
20 bucks for a vacuum brake bleeder pump
15 bucks for a foodsaver mason jar sealer


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