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tennesseean_87 02-12-2013 07:39 PM

Hoppy Scottish Brown Rye Stout?
So a mix-up in entering a half-batch of a Rye Stout Recipe into the BMW recipe generator (switched the rye and caramunich!) has netted me a mixed bag of specialty grains with a whole lotta caramel. I thought about making a really sweet stout, but decided against that. Here I've scaled up the recipe to 4 gal, and added some base malt and rye to keep that character. The only styles I think that much caramel are ok in are hopped up ambers or scotch ales. Would the former be ok with a little chocolate and roast character?

OG: 1.063
IBU: 55 (Chinook and cascade with decent additions at 60, 10, and 0)

58% Briess - 2 Row Brewers Malt 5.000 lb 2.0 srm
15% Caramunich Malt 1.250 lb 56.0 srm
4% Chocolate Malt (UK) 6.000 oz 450.0 srm
18% Rye Malt 1.500 lb 5.0 srm
1% Aromatic Malt 1.000 oz 26.0 srm
1% Honey Malt 2.000 oz 25.0 srm
3% Briess - Roasted Barley 4.000 oz 300.0 srm

I can reduce base malt and rye, or add more chocolate, caramel (10, 40, 85, Special B), wheat, toasted/amber/brown malt, or roasted barley.

SC_Ryan 02-12-2013 09:35 PM

I would keep the grain bill the same, up it to 5 gallons, bitter it to about 15-20 ibus with an herbal hop and call it a "brown cream ale". Quite a bit different than what you had but I think it would be tasty and interesting. Just an idea.

In my experience, caramunich isn't quite as sweet as regular crystal malts. Something else to maybe consider.

tennesseean_87 02-13-2013 03:50 AM

I may drop the rye down a bit (4 oz) and/or the hoppiness to make something more like a scotch stout.

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