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nobody737 12-04-2012 11:42 PM

Help with snoqualmie falls avalanche
So heres the original brew description: http://fallsbrew.com/?page_id=226

and heres what i am thinking:

5.5ish gallon batch, a little over 7.5 gallons pre boil

83% 12 8 American Two-row Pale Mash 1 37
7% 1 0 Munich Malt Mash 9 37
3% 0 8 Special B Malt Mash 180 30
3% 0 8 Aromatic Malt Mash 26 36
3% 0 8 American Dextrin (Cara-Pils) Steep 1 33

boil 60 min 1oz Chinook ~ leaf 13 38.9
boil 20 min 1oz Cascade ~ leaf 5.5 10.0
boil 20 min 1oz Chinook ~ leaf 13 23.5
post-boil 1 min 1oz Cascade ~ leaf 5.5 0
post-boil 1 min 1oz Chinook ~ leaf 13 0

60 minute boil right around 154
mash out at 170-172 for 10 minutes

I would like to bring my O.G. up a little. i was thinking a pound of brown sugar but don't want to thin out my beer or mess with the mouth feel as the original is real thick (almost syrupy) or maybe some dme?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

SirJoshuaIV 12-05-2012 12:02 AM

From my calculations, at a 75% efficiency, you would have a starting gravity of 1.075 (1.070 with 70%). The description of the beer states it has an OG of 1.068. How much higher are you looking to go with the gravity?

If you're looking to maintain the mouthfeel and body of the beer while upping gravity you could decrease the carapils-dextrin to 1/4lb and up your base 2-row by a pound or 2.

Also, the recipe you have written here will not make a deep ruby colored beer, but more of an amber. If you are looking to get a nice rich ruby color try adding an ounce or two of black patent.

nobody737 12-05-2012 12:15 AM

Oh, when i plugged it in to beer calculus it only came out with a 1.061 until i plugged in a pound of brown sugar which pulled me up to 1.071.

maybe I'm just being over sensitive, i just really love this beer and would love to get something similar.

actually i think i just underestimated my efficiency!

haha thanks for the help!

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