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cbehr 10-05-2012 02:20 PM

Help me with Hops replacement for Dogfish Head 60 minute
Here is the recipe I made last time and LOVE the beer.

12 lbs. 2-row pale malt
6.5 oz. Thomas Fawcett amber malt - they didn't have this and sub'd biscuit
Thames valley yeast w/ starter

.7oz Warrior hops 11.2AAU 60-35 minutes
.28oz Simcoe hops 3.6AAU 35-25 minutes
.7oz Palisade hops 5.6AAU 25-0 minutes
.7oz Palisade hops 0 minutes

Dry Hop
.59oz Amarillo hops
.59oz Simcoe hops
.59oz Glacier hops

My LHBS was out of three hops and substituted as follows:

Cascade for the Simcoe, from what I read there is NO substitute for Simcoe so I found another shop that has leaf available which I've never used but don't see an issue with it

German Mag for the amarillo
Fuggles for the glacier

I don't see a huge problem with these as they are just dry hopped. Any thoughts?

I think I’m going to break the batch in half and try 1/2 with the same Thames Valley yeast and the other half with Nottingham.

Balanced_Brew 10-05-2012 04:55 PM

Can you get Chinook and Centennial? The combo of these works OK for a substitute for Amarillo/Simcoe - better than Cascade or Magnum. That said, Cascade is a pretty good dry hop to use for the citrus nose.

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