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HOPCousin 12-07-2010 01:18 AM

Help with critiquing recent brew. too dry
I may know the answer to this already but I wanted to double check it so I can learn from the process.
I brewed this recipe but it came out very dry. I hit my FG 1.017. I tasted it tonight after 7 days of fermenting. I added some of my dry hops.

I think it was because my mash went from 153 down to 146 across the 60 minutes? Would this have made it dryer? Maybe it will get more flavorful/sweeter with more time in the fermenter?
Thanks for your thoughts and help
2.5 Gallon AG

86% 5 0 American Two-row Pale info 37 1
4% 0 4 American Crystal 120L info 34 120
4% 0 4 American Crystal 60L info 34 60
3% 0 3 Carafoam info 33 2
2% 0 2 Pale Chocolate Malt info 34 165
5 13

boil 60 mins 0.125 Chinook info leaf 13.0
boil 60 mins 0.25 Chinook info pellet 13.0
boil 45 mins 0.25 Centennial info pellet 10.0
boil 15 mins 0.25 Centennial info pellet 10.0
boil 10 mins 0.25 Cascade info pellet 5.5
boil 1 min 0.25 Cascade info pellet 5.5
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Chinook info pellet 13.0
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Centennial info pellet 10.0
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Cascade info pellet 5.5

indigi 12-07-2010 01:23 AM

Well that drop in mash temperature would have definitely made it dryer, but 1.017 isn't what I'd call "dry" by any means. Are you sure you aren't mistaking dryness with bitterness or greenness?

arover 12-07-2010 01:57 AM

7 days is far too young to be judging it just yet. I'm curious what your starting gravity was? I also agree with indigi, some of that "dryness" could be coming from the bitterness as well as the youngness of the beer. Ya gotta let that flavor mature.

HOPCousin 12-07-2010 03:26 AM

I'll do that and give it time. I have usually not tasted my beer earlier than 4 weeks in the past. I would usually wait until bottling. I need to more patient. This is also my first AG IPA. In the past I have done partial mash/extract which seems to be sweeter some how.
If I want a sweeter malt profile behind my IPA I should ferment higher correct?

HOPCousin 12-07-2010 03:27 AM

scratch that... MASH higher temp correct?

indigi 12-07-2010 04:20 AM

That's one way, you could also use a more characterful base malt or combination of them. Maris Otter, Munich, Vienna, Belgian Pilsner, etc. could make up most or all of your base malt and, all things being equal, impart more maltyness than brewer's 2-row.

Randar 12-07-2010 03:09 PM

as long as your OG wasn't something like 1.075+, 1 FG in the 1.017 range should not be producing a dry profile. I agree with a previous poster that it is probably some "young beer" hop twang going on.

And yes, if you want to make it even less "dry", you can use a higher percentage of non-fermentable (crystal malts for example) and/or mash at a higher temp to get out of the Beta Amylase range that you were in for this mash (aim for 156-158, for example).

I think 1.017 is a nice FG for a beer with the hop profile you used, but what was the OG?

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