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SMIGS714 05-09-2009 08:30 AM

Hefeweizen Recipe - what do you think?
Hi, Please let me know what you think about this recipe.
3lbs wheat LME (boil)
3lbs wheat LME (knockout)

1oz Tettnang, 4.8% (60min)
1oz Czech Saaz, 3.1% (30min)

1oz blood orange juice in boil
1oz blood orange peel (secondary)
.5oz grapefruit peel (secondary)

White Labs WL320 - American Hefeweizen Ale

Primary: 10days(65F) Secondary: 4 weeks (60F)

tagz 05-09-2009 05:09 PM

I guess it depends on what you want. First, I would say go with DME and do late extract addition. Otherwise, you'll end up with a pretty dark hefe. Also, I don't know if you want to add orange juice to a boil. I think that might result in some pretty rough flavors. I would pasteurize it and then add it to primary or secondary. Finally make sure you like late hop additions in your hefes. I do, but many don't.

Oh and I like 3068 because it provides awesome flavors and aromas. I let the yeast do most of the talking for this brew.

homebrewer_99 05-10-2009 03:46 AM

Closer to an American Wit than a Hefe Weizen after you add those adjuncts.

What are you going for because that's not a German-style Hefe Weizen?:confused:

IMO, if it's not a German-style Hefe Weizen or a Belgium-style Wit is just a plain old American Wheat, albeit, flavored. ;)

SMIGS714 05-10-2009 04:41 AM

Sorry if I messed up the style, I should have called it a wheat beer now that I've thought about it. I went to this brewery in Colorado and they had a wheat beer with blood orange and grapefruit. It was really good. It had a very crisp clean finish with orange/grapefruit fragrance. The color was a bit darker, sort of like cherry wood. Thank you for your suggestions.

homebrewer_99 05-11-2009 12:17 AM

You didn't mess up the style, too many people a head of you in that line...;)

Belgium Wits (their wheat beers) contain orange peel, but it's the yeast that gives the beer its flavor. The orange is on top.

I'm just a stickler for things like "American Hefe Weizen", because it's really an "American Wheat" or a "German Hefe Weizen". The Germans will never say an "American Weizen" and we don't say a "Deutches Wheat Beer".

I'd probably label it as an American Citrus Wheat...but that's me. :D

Even "Tropical Wheat" works for me. :ban:(No 'nanner though)

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