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CoopersGoose 01-18-2013 03:03 AM

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Hardywood GSB Tasting notes.

Before I begin, I must say, for my first beer in 7+ years, this turned out pretty well. Primary fermenter for 4 weeks at 70F, bottled with 1-1/4 cups DME. Bottle conditioned for 3 weeks (20 days) at 65F. Threw one in freezer for 20-30 minutes to test. First, I'd say it would be categorized better as an imperial stout vs a gingerbread milk stout. Head from pour is nice and thick, and stays around a while. It has a nice aroma with a hint of vanilla. The body is full, but not quite as big as the Hardywood GBS. From a taste standpoint, it has a nice chocolate flavor, slightly sweet, but not as sweet as the GSB. No strong gingerbread cookie flavor, but this is pretty good. While you can tell its got some alcohol in it, it's balanced, no strong alcohol flavor, but now on my second for the night, I can tell it packs a punch.

So what to do differently? Possibly use Briess malt or Belgium biscuit malt to impart more biscuity flavor. Swap out store bought honey for bearer farms honey (Tom Leonard's has it), as well as utilize casselmont farms baby ginger. Increase ginger to 6 oz. increase vanilla and cinnamon amounts as well. One other thing, not as sweet as GSB, so might increase lactose as well. I'll post my modified recipe once I run through beersmith.

Serve at 55F, as flavors definitely more pronounced as it warms. Will be interesting to see how this ages.

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Kody 10-22-2014 05:32 PM

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Seems like the hops are off, I'm using a variation of this recipe on brewtoad. But I've added 1 pound flaked oats and adjusted the SRM and IBUs.
But with the hop amount in the recipe on brewtoad its 115 IBUS!?

Please see attachment for corrected recipe.

What do you guys think?
Ginger Root 5.0oz at 5 min Boil

3 Cinamon Sticks at 5 min boil

Vanilla Beans 5 split and scraped at 5 min boil

Lactose 1.0lb at 60 min boil

Steep grains 25 mins between 150-165F

Wildflower honey at 10 min to end of boil

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