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SpacemanSpiff 01-16-2011 06:32 PM

Gumballhead Clone
I've been searching around and looking at the various suggestions for a Gumballhead clone. I'm fortunate to live close to Three Floyd's, so at the very least it will be easy for me to do some side-by-side comparison. I've been wanting to get this in the pipeline soon and figured now is as good as time as any.

After researching, I found the all-grain clone recipe on Brewmasters Warehouse. I'm still in the extract with specialty grain phase though, so I used their awesome Brew Builder tool to try and match up an extract recipe. I'm looking for some feedback to see if what I came up with looks reasonable since it's slightly different from the extract recipes I've seen.

I can't quite do a full boil in my current pot. I can safely go to 4.5 or 5 gallons, but don't feel comfortable going up to the full 5.5 or 6 to account for the boil-off. I know that will affect the hopping somewhat, but I don't know how dramatic it would be.

So here's what I came up with:
1 lb. 2-row
1 lb. Caravienne
1 lb. White wheat

3 lbs. Breiss Wheat DME
0.6 lbs. Breiss Extra Light DME
(I did the odd amount to match up the OG. DME comes in 3 lb. bags and I have the odd amount of Extra Light on hand to make up the difference)

All Amarillo
0.25 oz. at 60 min.
0.5 oz. at 15
0.5 oz. at 5
0.75 oz at flameout
2 oz. dry hop


Expected stats come up to be:
OG- 1.047
FG- 1.012
IBU- 20.1
SRM- 5.86
ABV- 4.59

These compare very closely to the all-grain recipe expected stats.

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated. :mug:

devilishprune 01-16-2011 10:40 PM

I've never had gumballhead, so I can't comment on the accuracy of this recipe, but I do have something to point out with your grains.

Both 2-row and white wheat need to be mashed. Technically, this is a partial mash recipe and not just extract with specialty grains. What this means is that you should hold your grains at a temperature of around 154-ish for around an hour to get conversion of the starches therein.

ddemaagd 01-16-2011 10:49 PM

I just made a GBH clone and can tell you for certain you are going to want to increase your late addition hops if you want it to have the aroma of a fresh gumballhead. I'd at least double the flameout and 5 min additions... Just my opinion

skibb 01-16-2011 11:41 PM

Gumball head does not have caravienna from everything that I've read - just 2-row, wheat and some aromatic malt.

The change in your IBU's from topping off at the end of the boil to make 6 gallons will be very slight - I wouldn't worry about it.

Your numbers are a bit off from a published source...(here they are)

OG: 1.053
ABV: 5.5% (also confirmed on their website)
IBU: 28 (also confirmed on their website)
Hops: Warrior, Amarillo, Simcoe
Grains: 2-row, red wheat, aromatic

FG would be 1.011 to get 5.5% ABV from that OG (78% ADF)

I have a AG clone that came out to be really damn close to the original - but I never got my hands on any fresh Gumball Head to confirm it. Great beer regardless.

6 Gallon Batch

6# Red Wheat malt (Briess) 52.2%
5# 2-Row (Briess) 43.5%
8 oz Aromatic 4.3%

.25 oz Warrior (13.6aa) @ 60 for 16 IBU
.5 oz Amarillo (8.5aa) @ 15
.5 oz Amarillo @ 5
1 oz Amarillo @ 1

1 oz Simcoe dry hopped day 5

fermented at 68 with Cal Ale yeast

Hope this helps

jessup 01-17-2011 04:05 PM

Gumballhead Inspired Wheat Pale Ale
Recipe Type: Extract
Yeast: S-05
Batch Size (Gallons): 5
Original Gravity: 1.054
Final Gravity: 1.010
Boiling Time (Minutes): 60
Color: orange-golden
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 9@62
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 14@68
Tasting Notes: Excellent american hop flavor and aroma, with a full, smooth wheat body

1lb. Caravienne
1lb. 2-row
1lb. White Wheat
5lb. Briess Wheat DME
.5oz Amarillo whole (9.8 AA, 60 min.)
.5oz Amarillo whole (9.8 AA, 15 min.)
.5oz Amarillo whole (9.8 AA, 5 min.)
.5oz Amarillo whole (9.8 AA, flameout)
1oz Amarillo whole (9.8 AA, dry-hop)
1oz Simcoe pellet (12.1 AA, dry-hop)

Safale-05 fermented as noted

SpacemanSpiff 01-17-2011 11:30 PM

This is the recipe I saw in my searches. As I was thinking it over, I could've sworn I remembered the ABV being above 5 on the menu. Sure enough, on the web page it shows a higher ABV and IBU than the AG recipe I had seen and that matches what skibb said. Also, in checking out the label, it does say red wheat and boatloads of Amarillo hops. I'm assuming Caravienne simulates what the red wheat does for you? I don't see anything about Simcoe or Warrior on there, but that doesn't mean they're not used.

So I think I'm going to bump up the OG and tinker with the hopping to try and more closely match what the real Gumballhead comes up to.

On the steeping/partial mashing of the 2-row and white wheat. I've had 2-row as part of the steeping grains on kits I've tried before and it only called for the normal steeping at 155 for 20-30 mins. How much is being left out by not doing an hour partial mash?

Thanks for all the responses!

JNye 01-17-2011 11:45 PM

i've made it a few times, I used
6lb red wheat
4-5 lb 2-row, and
1 lb aromatic or 40L

I like the aromatic version better as the FG got a few points lower. I usually targeted an OG around 1.054 IIRC.
both recipes were too orange but super good. I used way more hops and targeted 30 IBUs. I think I used 7 ounces of Amarillo total. (including 2 Oz dry hopped) Good news is amarillo are some tasty hops and its gonna turn out good.

If I wanted to try honing in on GBH I would prolly use regular wheat and see if that doesn't change the color...but I don't care to, my recipe is plenty good, and like you, I can get GBH whenever I want it.

skibb 01-18-2011 02:01 AM

From what I've read red wheat (a Briess product) is very similar to white wheat malt - if not nearly identical. I do remember one source claiming the red wheat imparts a slight tartness, and according to their website it has slightly higher protein content and diastatic power. I don't think the caravienna was used b/c of the unavailability of the red wheat, I just think whoever made that recipe was just guess at the grain bill.

SpacemanSpiff 03-05-2011 03:16 AM

Thought I'd follow up on this. I sampled the keg last week, but by tonight the carbonation is perfect. This beer turned out phenomenally well. Easily top 3 of the batches I've done and I'll probably argue it's the best. I need to grab some bottles of Gumballhead to do a side-by-side, but I'm not all that concerned with the comparison because this is tasty in it's own right.

I tinkered with the extract and the hop additions from what I originally proposed. Not sure what I'd change on the next batch. And there WILL be a next batch. I'd like to try out the red wheat since it's known that it is supposed to be part of the recipe. Maybe in place of the Caravienne.

This Amarillo shortage is going to be brutal. It's Brian Boru season at Three Floyd's now and I'd love to give a clone of that a go as well.

devilishprune 03-05-2011 01:33 PM

Glad that your beer turned out so well!

If you were going to use red wheat, maybe consider replacing the white wheat malt with it. Red wheat is a base malt as well.

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