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Phunhog 10-15-2011 05:15 AM

First Partigyle...
I am planning on doing my first partigyle brew session next week!! I have a single tier RIMS and my old turkey fryer set up. My plan is to end up with 5.5 gallons of a DIPA and 11 gallons of an Agave Blonde. The DIPA will be all first runnings of course. Here is what I am shooting for http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f69/stone-ruination-clone-155771/

The blonde will be basically this recipe with some added agave at flameout. Here is that recipe:
Very similar grain bill but I will add the carapils and Vienna into the mash tun for the vorlauf and sparge.
I know that you are supposed get half your extract from the first third of your runnings. So I am planning on a first OG of 1.070 for the DIPA and an OG of 1.035 for the blonde. Both will actually have higher OG's due to the addition of sugars at flameout.
Now here comes the math part....:drunk:
The whole mash comes out to 825 gravity points. I figure I get around 25 points per lb of grain. That comes out to 33 lbs of grains in my keggle MLT. That 825 points get divided up into 385 points for the DIPA and 440 for the Blonde. How does that sound? My head hurts but I think I am on the right track.

Bill_in_VA 10-16-2011 02:37 AM

Figure for a 60/40 split.

HarkinBanks 10-16-2011 02:48 AM

Check out braukaiser's partigyle calculator excel spreadsheet. Do a google search. It is right on the money. Can't recommend it enough.

Phunhog 10-20-2011 01:04 AM

Well I did the partigyle today. I took a look at the spreadsheet but ended up just going by experience. The brewing session was surprisingly easy since I had a second burner and a friend helping out. Actually I surpassed my expected gravity numbers. The DIPA was supposed to be 1.078 and came out to 1.082 and the Blonde was way over at 1.056instead of 1.045. I really need to buy a refractometer so I can make adjustments on the fly a little easier. Really enjoyed the partigyle though and look forward to doing some more.

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