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Brewkowski 06-11-2009 09:16 PM

Father's Day Brew Recipes?
So I'm not going to see my dad, but I'll see my mom and I thought we could get some of the needed supplies for homebrewing. He's been making pretty decent wine for almost 8 years, so he's got a pretty good base knowledge. The downside is he's mostly a lager man and they're currently living in a house under construction with no AC. I would guess in the coolest spot in the house if he used a tub with water he could get a carboy to high 60's if he puts some ice in it. Like I said he likes lagers and I'm afraid he's mostly been drinking Busch, Old Milwaukee and probably some that are much worse. What better gift than the ingredients for something with flavor. He likes good beer, but he's saving money for construction, so he buys swill.
I did some looking through recipes and I thought about something like a blonde ale made with german hops, how would that turn out?. Or maybe a California Common. I've heard some people say a simple blond is easier to detect flaws and I really want him to enjoy it and catch the bug.

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