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HopsMcMalty 10-18-2009 10:14 PM

Dry-Hopping Fat Tire Clone?
Has anyone tried dry-hopping for a Fat Tire clone? From my research, Fat Tire is dry-hopped but none of the kits call for it. Also, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what kind of hops to use. I've see recipes calling for northern brewer, saaz, williamette, fuggles, cascade, galena, summit and more I'm probably forgetting. So basically it seems like no one knows! Am I right on this? I'm a newbie, so I know I prob don't know what I'm talking about!

The only thing I've seen from New Belgium Brewery says "For hops, he recommends shooting for 16 IBUs with a subtle late addition of aroma or dry hops. 'Don't use Cascade or other overpowering hops,' Bouckaert adds." So that cuts out the Cascade, galena and summit. Right?

I brewed the MB extract kit yesterday (10/17/09) with White Labs Belgian Ale Yeast 550 according to instructions, except I set aside about 1/4 oz of the Saaz aroma hops, which I'm considering dry-hopping later on in secondary. Any advice? Should I or not? If so, should I add more than just the tiny 1/4 oz. I saved? 1oz of Northern Brewer @ 60 mins and 0.75oz Saaz @ 2-3 mins seems kinda light.

Most of all: What's the end result difference in dry-hopping vs. adding at flameout (or a couple mins before)?

I'm want good flavor but am afraid of making it TOO hoppy. My SG was only 1.046. Don't get me wrong, I like hops, but only when balanced. My primary drink is Fat Tire (when I have it--have to drive 45mins to buy) because I love the smooth balance and decent flavor complexity without anything really dominating. I'll probably enjoy it however it turns out--I've enjoyed Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale (65+ IBU) and LOTS of other types of beer, but definitely not for everyday. But gotta love those Belgians..

Yooper 10-18-2009 10:26 PM

Well, Fat Tire doesn't taste dry hopped to me. It's got almost no real hops flavor that I can pick up, since it's more malty.

If you want to dryhop, by all means try it. But with a beer of 16 IBUs, that may give you more hop flavor than the kit intended. My FT clone has willamette hops for the flavor/aroma addition, and I kind of like it. It's got 28 IBUs, so it must be much more highly hopped than yours. I'm not sure mine is a real "clone" but it's good.

The other thing that strikes me- you used a Belgian yeast? Fat tire isn't a Belgian, so I'm thinking that yeast may give you some unintended flavors. Belgian yeast usually imparts a fruity flavor that isn't present in FT.

JesseRC 10-18-2009 10:26 PM

I dont know about dry hopping. Fat Tire hardly has any hop flavor at all in it. I like Fat Tire, but kinda got tired of it this year. It realy just a bicuit taste and thats it. Not real complex, I cant even understand why the below flavor hop additions are necessary. The AHS clone is pretty spot on.

Northern Brewer .75 ounces @ 60min
Hersbrucker .5 ounces @ 15 min
Willamette .25 ounces @ 5 min

pickledherring 10-20-2009 12:30 AM

Mr McMalty, your question is a timely one. :rockin: I racked a Tire clone yesterday, and i was hunting down information on any successful dry hops on a recipe. I brew in 12 gallon batches and ferment in 2 buckets... different yeasts to experiment, then i spike one with something, hops, honey, Candi sugar....

I like the idea of a dry hop on Fat Tire. I think i am going to try the Willamette as suggested by YooperBrew. .75oz on a 6 gallon perhaps...

the other i may spike with sugar and go imperial. any ideas on the dry op for that... any one?

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