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BootYtRappeR 10-07-2005 03:18 PM

DogFish Head 90 minute IPA Clone
Found this recipe for DFH 90 5 gallon All Grain
Thought I'd pass it along.

Can someone convert this to an extract recipe?

If I were to guess I'd say use 5lbs pilsner malt extract(if it exists) and steep the 1.66 lbs. amber, everything else the same?

and what's this "cool to 32 F" all about?


16.5 lbs. Pilsner malt
1.66 lbs. Amber malt (34 L)
10 AAU Amarillo hops (90 min)
8.0 AAU Simsoe hops (90 min)
8.00 AAU Warrior hops (90 min)
1 oz Amarillo hops (dry hop)
0.5 oz Sincoe hops (dry hop)
0.5 oz Warrior hops (dry hop)
1 tsp. Irish moss (15 min)
Wyeast 1099 (Whitbread Ale) yeast

Step by Step--
Mash in at 122 F then raise the temp to 149 F until conversion is complete. Mash out to 170 F/ Boil the wort for 105 min. Starting with 90 min. left in boil, begin slowly and evenly adding the hops to the kettle. (This works out to a little over 0.25 oz of hops avery 7.5 minutes.) Start fermentation at 71 F and let raise to 74 F. Dry Hopp in Secondary at 71 F for 3-5 days, then cool to 32 F.

El Pistolero 10-07-2005 03:29 PM

The conversion depends on whose formula you use, but going by 85% for LME and 65% for DME you'd need 14 lbs of LME or 10.75 lbs of DME. 5 lbs would be too light for an imperial ipa.

Walker 10-07-2005 04:31 PM

Also, I think the amber malt can't simply be steeped. that one needs mashed to get anything out of it, so you would probably just want to substitute that one with amber extract as well.


Terek 02-03-2014 08:28 PM

I'm guessing the cool to 32 f would be a cold crash

I'm defy. Gonna try this :)

Make_it_a_Belgian 08-03-2014 11:01 PM

The recipe doesnt say anything about a time table for primary or secondary. Any suggestions? I just made a 90 minute recipe that I found today, its sitting in my primary now. I figure I'll leave it in the primary for 1 week, siphon it over the hops in the secondary. Let the hops sit in there for 3-5 days and then bottle after 2 weeks in the secondary.

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