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ethangray19 03-28-2007 08:38 PM

Dead Guy ALe extract recipe
I have searched the forums but have not found a good Dead Guy Ale recipe.

Any good ones out there??

Is the pacman yeast essential?

Fire_travels 03-28-2007 10:45 PM

Search Rogue ! I know yupper has a ext. rec.

Cheesefood 03-28-2007 10:46 PM

Don't use mine. Whatever I did, it tastes TERRIBLE.*

*Disclaimer - may not totally be the result of the recipe. It tastes like a bad job rinsing out Oxyclean or some other cleaning material.

Fire_travels 03-28-2007 10:51 PM

AHS has a clone kit also! I am in the middle of it now! my sample taste good!

Rogue Dead guy

TheJadedDog 03-28-2007 11:07 PM

I highly recommend the AHS kit, also Yooper's recipe and mine are really similar and I would say go with hers, it seems to be a hit. Pacman is not 100% essential, AHS sends their kit out with Wyeast American Ale II when pacman is not available.

ethangray19 03-28-2007 11:41 PM

think ill go with the kit

Yooper 03-29-2007 12:02 AM

Here's mine:

Dead Guy Clone

13oz Belgiun Cara-Munich
13oz German Munich
7oz US Crystal 40 deg L

4lbs Alexanders Pale LME
(I substituted all XLDME)

1 tsp Irish Moss
1 oz perle 60 mins
1/4 oz perle 30 minutes
1/4 oz perle 5 mins
1/4 oz saaz 5 mins.

I used pacman yeast.

o.g. was 1.066
f.g. was 1.018

This was a BIG hit, and it's a house favorite now. I'm going to try an AG version this summer, but I haven't figured it out yet.

ayupbrewing 12-15-2012 07:01 PM

Blast from the past: What AAU did you do for the hops?


Yooper 12-15-2012 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by ayupbrewing (Post 4685651)
Blast from the past: What AAU did you do for the hops?


I don't really remember. It was a long time ago! Most of the perle hops I've had have been around 7.5-7.7% AAUs, though!

ayupbrewing 12-16-2012 05:28 AM

Thanks. Maybe I don't understand, but isn't there a difference between AAU and A.A. AAU being a way to standardize hop A.A. content right? So I presume you meant A.A. Either way that's good enough I guess I will base the AAU off your average A.A. Any idea on your typical Saaz A.A. content?


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