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adrock430 12-19-2012 02:21 PM

Critique my DIPA please
14# Canadian Two row
3# wheat
3/4# C15
3/4# Sugar

65% Effeciency - 1.076 OG - 1.010 FG

Magnum @ 60 - 83 IBU
Columbus @ 60 - 49 IBU
Simcoe @ 10 - 19 IBU
Centennial @ 10 - 18 IBU
2 oz citra/1 oz simcoe - 30 min hopstand
2 oz centennial @ start of chill
1 oz each citra/cent/simcoe - dryhop
2 oz citra/ 1 oz simcoe - keg hop

It's a lot of hops, but I'm wondering how simcoe/citra/centennial play together. Thanks!

bobbrews 12-19-2012 02:27 PM

Cut your Magnum addition by half and move that Columbus at 60 to 30-20 minutes.

Do you want tropical beer juice? If so, using all of your Citra and hopstand/dryhop will give you just that with minor influence from the lesser amound of Simcoe.

That's a ton of hops (5 oz.) at flameout/whirlpool and I'm a hophead. You will still have great results with 2-3 oz. at this slot... That's a ton of dryhops too (6 oz.)

Water treatments?

I would also search for tips on HBT to boost your efficiency.

adrock430 12-19-2012 02:53 PM

Thanks. I'll be using a cake of chico on this and adding some gypsum and a bit of chloride that I typically use for hoppy beers.

RE: efficiency, I used to flysparge to get 75-80%, but I like the speed and better malt flavor from a single batch sparge, so I just add more grain.

I'm using the start of chill to replicate a hop back, which I don't have. I've never used simcoe, but I've made a pretty similar beer, scaled back as a standard IPA with chinook. What IBU do you target for IIPAs?

bobbrews 12-19-2012 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by adrock430 (Post 4697774)
What IBU do you target for IIPAs?

85-120 IBUs Rager on average for about 1.070-1.074 OG.

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