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WarrantedFED 09-03-2011 04:44 PM

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Originally Posted by CTownBrewer
When I brewed a Vanilla Porter at a Brew-On-Premise place, we used about 5 for a 10 gallon batch. For a subtle vanilla flavor in a 5 gallon batch, I'd use 1. If you want more, use more. It's really up to you...that's the joy of homebrewing. I love vanilla, so I'd use 2 to make sure the flavor stands out.

One note...I found the vanilla flavor in the porter to fade over time. If you think you'll drink this beer quickly, use less. If you plan on aging it, use more so the vanilla will last.
Thanks for the advice!

I ended up placing 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 halved, scraped, and chopped vanilla beans into a narrow glass vial. I then poured cheap vodka to cover everything.

I plan to add this to the secondary. This is for a pumpkin spiced oatmeal ale.

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