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Thejiro 07-19-2011 10:07 PM

chocolate rye imperial stout
This is my imperial stout recipe that I am going to be using this year.

18 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 1 76.6 %
12.0 oz Barley, Flaked (1.7 SRM) Grain 3 3.2 %
12.0 oz Chocolate Malt (450.0 SRM) Grain 4 3.2 %
12.0 oz Chocolate Rye Malt (250.0 SRM) Grain 5 3.2 %
12.0 oz Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM) Grain 6 3.2 %
2 lbs Munich Malt - 20L (20.0 SRM) Grain 2 8.5 %
8.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L (120.0 SRM) Grain 7 2.1 %

I was considering replacing the chocolate malt with another pound of chocolate rye.

What are your thoughts on this?


dantheman13 07-20-2011 12:01 AM

I haven't tasted chocolate rye, but it sure sounds interesting. I know I love chocolate malt and the roasty flavors that it gives. What do you get out of the choco rye?

Thejiro 07-20-2011 12:23 AM

I'm not sure I haven't used it but I saw it at my lhbs and I was intrigued by it and I thought it might be good in an imperial stout. I'm assuming you'd get the best of both worlds the roastiness from fringe roasted so high and the spicieness from being rye malt

KyleWolf 07-20-2011 01:28 PM

The chocolate rye is a great grain. I have made a stout and an imperial stout (in primary). It has a sweeter, less bitter taste compared to traditional chocolate and in my opinion leads to a fuller bodied beer. The best part about the grain, is that you can really pile it on without worrying about going overboard.

The recipe for my regular stout is below (my imperial is the same recipe, just bumped up, but %s are the same)

11.00 lbs 2row
01.50 lbs chocolate rye
00.75 lbs Roasted Barley (500SRM)
00.50 lbs Crystal 80
00.50 lbs Flaked Rye (toasted in oven for 30-40min at 375)

0.75oz Columbus 45min
1.00oz Willamette 10min
1.00oz Cascade 5min
1.00oz Willamette 5min

Pacman yeast. Mashed at 155 fermented at 65-68

This was hailed as the best beer I had produced to date. Hence why I was willing to give the imperial stout a try.

dirty_martini 07-20-2011 11:44 PM

Ill be doing the same later this year. Likely around xmas time so its ready for April tax season. (im calling it an IRS - Imperial Rye Stout)

heres my recipe for 5gal

13# 2-row 65%
3# Rye Malt 15%
1# crystal 90 5%
1# chocolate rye 5%
.5# roasted barley 2.5%
.5# carafa III debittered 2.5%
1# D2 Belgian Candi Syrup 5%

Its basically the same recipe as my standard imperial stout, except the rye would be wheat and the chocolate rye would be chocolate malt. My regular impy stout is nice, ill be curious to see if the rye stout comes out similarly.

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