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JWStockton 12-30-2012 04:15 AM

Chinook Hops usage
Hey all, im looking to brew what i hope will be a stout (an old old can of stout extract and 3 lbs of wheat dme i have) with chinook. Its the only hops i have on hand, will a half oz for 60 min be too much bitter for a stout? I was toying with maybe only adding it in the last 15 to retain some aroma and to cut the bitters...

Satisfaction 12-30-2012 06:03 AM

1/2 oz of chinook used at 60 minutes will put you right at the beginning of most of the stout styles for bitter levels, they start at 20 IBU's for a Sweet Stout and roll up to 50 IBU's for an imperial. At 60 minutes, depending on your AA values that would fall into the 35 IBU range.

Now a single hopped stout with Chinook would work, but Chinook is the hop that smells and tastes the most like you would imagine – a dank piney forest. These hops are known to have a very spicy finish. I find that this flavor is great compliment to Mt. Hood or cascade used as aroma hops and would pair it up with another for aroma.

The choice is yours, may be a good time to experiment and familiarize yourself with a single hopped beer.

bojacked 12-30-2012 02:05 PM

It's going to make a difference if youre doing full volume boils or partial boils with an extract kit. Hops utilization and bittering is directly affected by the boil volume. You are able to extract more bitterness in a larger volume of wort. That said I think even on a partial boil you'd be fine using your 60min chinook addition, I really like chinook as a bittering hop on an IPA for that resinous piney flavor. Please let us know how this turns out i bet it will be awesome.

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