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CSI 11-21-2012 01:10 AM

Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue)
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Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue), TRIAL 001

This initial recipe was drafted from BLAM and the Chimay Blue label declaration of ingredients, (water, malted barley, wheat, sugar, hops, yeast). Where ingredients like "caramel malt" were generalized in the literature we based the malt selection on color characteristics and region for roast and quantity *e.g. Belgian Caramunich contributes a distinct ruddy color and does not raise the SRM overly high (as would Special B). The selection of Belgian Candi Syrup and the quantity was also based on BLAM, (adjuncts did not exceed 5% in the Chimay Red). 1lb of D-45 equated to 6.4% of fermentables and brought the color up to a ruddy-brown, (however), after 6 months of fermentation the SRM was approximately 13-14. The recipe below will be lighter than the CGR. If you use 1lb of D-90 the SRM will be much closer to the CGR.

OG: 1.077
FG: 1.008
ABV: 9.00%
SRM: 13+ (from BLAM adj, but the actual Chimay pours closer to 16-17)
IBU: 31.4 (Tinseth)
VOL: 5.25 gal
BHE 75% (assumed)

12.0 lb Belgian Pils
1.00 lb Dingeman's Cara 45
1.00 lb Torrified Wheat
1.00 lb D-45, (or 1.00 lb D-90 for Darker SRM) Candi Syrup, Inc.

HOPS (30.4 ibu)
Saaz 1.50 oz,60 min (Brewery visits indicate Nugget is the bittering hop now)
Hallertau 1.50 oz,20 min

WLP 500 (Chimay) – 260 Billion Cells (pitched at high krausen, 22 hrs)

Sacch 148F 60 minutes
Mash out 170F 20 minutes

90 minute boil. Chill to 64F. O2 for 60 seconds. Ramp primary starting at 64F then raise to 68F over 6 days. Secondary at 60F until FG is reached, then crash at 38-40F until ale clarifies. Prime with Golden Candi Syrup at a rate of 30 grams/gallon (then hold bottles at 72F for 10 days for initial carbonation). Bottle condition at cellar temps for (a minimum) of 12 months.

This is a link to Chimay.com showing a video of the pour, color, and head:



CSI 01-11-2013 04:03 AM

Chimay Grande Reserve - Trial 001
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From the CSI brew room... Below is a pic of a very young Grande Reserve clone (trial 001). Just 3 weeks in bottle conditioning a friend who tasted this asked if we had used anise in it because he detected a faint licorice flavor, (since there were no spices used in this recipe this was a very nice compliment). This is turning out to be a truly extraordinary ale even by Trappist standards. Delicate balance of fruit, spice and bread. No alcohol detected and very smooth even at the early stages. The SRM contributions were primarily 1 lb D-45 and a slight contribution from the Pils and torrified wheat. This ale poured lighter than a Chimay Blue poured side-by-side. It clarified on it's own. Will take a comparative pic side by side next pour.

CSI 01-13-2013 10:38 PM

Chimay Grande Reserve - Trial 002
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From the CSI brew room...Below is Chimay Grande Reserve trial 002 using 1 lb of D-90. It's about 2 weeks in bottle conditioning. As we determined from primary, the SRM is closer in pour to the CGR. If it was backlit the translucence would show through better.

This one is dry, malty, fruity, and crazy delicious even this young in the bottle. Again, no alcohol. The D-90 and Chiimay yeast created intense dark stone fruit esters/flavors that came through both in the nose and palate. It tastes and smells like sitting in a Belgian pub in Bruges...will pour this one again in 6 months.

hbr2547 02-25-2013 01:06 AM

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A quick picture of my 002 attempt...overshot my gravity and ended up hitting 80 percent efficiency and 1.09.

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hbr2547 02-28-2013 06:55 PM

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Not a Chimay but a westy blonde recipe from csi - great brew....thanks for sharing recipe.

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CSI 06-16-2013 02:32 PM

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Originally Posted by Sleepyemt View Post
Yeah, I'm just letting you know my previous conversation with them. Which is why numbers aren't matching.... It shows lovibond right on the bag. 45L, 90L, 180L....

Maybe CSI will clear this up for us?
I'll pass this up the chain to see where the two meet on the retail packaging side. I work with the webmaster on the site info and mainly in bulk with Craft Brewers. I do know that all of our color analysis was originally done in SRM. I suspect it is probably a print/packaging issue. See bulk D-180 spec label for 50 lb pail below:

Schol-R-LEA 06-25-2013 11:47 PM

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Perhaps I'm doing this wrong, but I've entered your recipe into BeerSmith, and the calculated results are significantly different from those given here, especially the color and bitterness values. Is BS wrong, or have I entered the data incorrectly?

CSI 06-26-2013 05:21 PM

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Originally Posted by Schol-R-LEA View Post
Perhaps I'm doing this wrong, but I've entered your recipe into BeerSmith, and the calculated results are significantly different from those given here, especially the color and bitterness values. Is BS wrong, or have I entered the data incorrectly?
I think Brewsmith is correct or certainly close enough. The baseline should be the recipe here:


In using 1lb of D-45, (CSI Trial 001), the SRM has aged out lighter than the CGR after 6 months. When using 1lb of D-90, (CSI trial 002), the color ages out to be indistinguishable from the CGR, (also approx 6 months). I've attached a pic of all three together to compare below. My personal favorite as far as cloned palate similarity is the CSI 001 clone. From left to right: (CSI Trial 001, CSI Trial 002, Chimay GR). Hope this helps in the pursuit of the perfect clone

FermentNEthinG 08-15-2013 11:49 PM

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Here is my attempt. I think I hit pretty close to the ballpark SRM this round because of the extended boil. It tastes pretty damn close too!
Too bad I had to chew off the cork then use a wine corker. Those 22 ounce bottles with the crown cap finish are horrid for corking Belgians!

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