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DSmith 08-30-2012 12:41 PM

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I just brewed this recipe based on the CYBI clone and information in post #1. It's the coolest ale fermenation I've done, slow and steady airlock. I'm using Wyeast 1056 at 62F-63F, temperature plot below:

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DSmith 10-26-2012 08:05 PM

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Originally Posted by DSmith View Post
I used Crisp Cara Malt (17L) to substitute the Carastan Light Malt (about 15L). I bet you could blend them pretty successfully or just use the 20L malt.

I bottled my batch made with Weyermann Light Munich (6L), Rahr American 2-Row (1.8L) & Crisp Cara Malt (17L) and the color might be a little lighter than commercial Dead Guy ale. I plan on posting a pic in a few weeks when it's bottle carbonated.
Great beer!

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DSmith 08-06-2013 01:38 PM

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Originally Posted by DSmith View Post
1. Using a 10L Munich instead of the Weyermann Light Munich (6L) I chose the first time.
2. Mash at 154F for less attenuation (looking for 1.016 FG). I'd use Wyeast 1056 again, fermented at 63F.
3. Shorten the boil to 60 min, adjust bittering addition for 40 IBU Tinseth.
I brewed the CYBI recipe first, made notes compared with the commercial Dead Guy and am re-brewing this week based on the changes above. My experience with the CYBI recipe is that it was not a clone, but my use of light Munich probably made the biggest difference. The CYBI recipe wasn't clear regarding the Munich used. Here is my version with light Munich:

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I'm also slightly increasing the whirlpool hops because the Tinseth IBU formula will result in more bittering hops. The interview indicated 38# of 7.5%AA bittering hops and 30# of whirlpool hops. I'm keeping that ratio the same based on 7.5%AA bittering hops. My actual bittering hops are 8.0%AA, but that change for IBU won't affect the whirlpool hop amount.

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