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WeretheBrews 05-06-2006 11:37 PM

Is it possible to have a butter-scotch flavor in some brew?

david_42 05-06-2006 11:43 PM

Diacetyl:, Fermentation by-product that may lend buttery or butterscotch notes to beer. This is considered an off-flavor in excessive amounts in any beer.

Do you have it or are you wondering how to make it?

WeretheBrews 05-06-2006 11:59 PM

Wondering how to make it.

Kaiser 05-07-2006 12:55 AM

Pick a yeast that is kown for leaving diacetyl in the beer after fermentation is complete. There are some styles of english ales, that are known for their butterscotch notes in them.

The literature usually shows how to avoid diacetyl, but not how to produce it in a controlled manner. The problem with creating diacetyl by doing everything wrong might be the fact that you may also get other "off-flavors", which may not be desired.


david_42 05-07-2006 04:08 PM

Irish ale yeasts (like WLP004) will produce butterscotch, scottish strong ale yeasts even more so.

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