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Calder 02-05-2011 07:59 PM

Brett Brown/Porter Recipe
Looking to do something different with Brett-B as the primary yeast. I have a few weeks until my glass fermenter frees up, but thought I'd toss this out here to see if anyone can provide any constructive comments; good or bad.

6.5 gallons. Partial Mash
OG: 1.080
FG: 1.016 (or lower)
IBUs: about 40

1 lb 2-Row
1 lb Acid Malt
1 lb Coffee Malt
1 lb Dark Crystal (Probably some 120 + Special B)
0.5 lbs Chocolate Malt
0.5 lbs Rolled Oats.

9 lbs Light LME
1 lb Brown Sugar

FWH: Mt Rainier
Bittering: Mt Rainier & Goldings
Finishing: Goldings
Dry Hop: Still thinking, but would be Goldings.

Primary Yeast: WLP650 (Brett-B). No temperature control (basement winter temps).

PacMan Yeast (if it hasn't reached target FG)
8 ozs Cocoa Powder.

I'm sure it will change a lot by the tme I get to doing this. Would like to hear any comments on how to improve it (or not).

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