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DaleJ 05-09-2008 10:20 AM

Blue Moon Clone
I'm trying to figure out a Blue Moon Clone recipe.

Things I know about Blue Moon:
  • Uses 2 Row Malt
  • Uses White Wheat
  • Uses Oats
  • Doesn't use a Belgian yeast, uses a "standard ale yeast"
  • Orange zest and coriander go in the last 3-5 minutes

Things I assume to be true about Blue Moon:
  • Ale Yeast is Cal Ale (Chico) strain
  • More orange than coriander

Things I'm trying to figure out:
  • Ratio of grains
  • Hop type and schedule
  • Yeast strain
  • Amounts of Coriander and Orange

Anyone have any nfo or ideas about this?

FishinDave07 05-09-2008 10:53 AM

Take a look in the recipe database, you will find some good starting points.

DaleJ 05-09-2008 11:30 AM

I did that.

Couldn't find anything to address the maybe's and unknown's.

Lil' Sparky 05-09-2008 01:08 PM

Check the AHS Blue Moon clone under my recipe drop down. I've brewed it a few times and it's great. It does call for a belgian wit yeast strain. I've never heard that Blue Moon uses a non-wit strain. Interesting.

DaleJ 05-09-2008 01:38 PM

Yea, I saw that one.

But it not only uses the Belgian Wit yeast, it also uses Pils when they use Pale malt.

I can't decide if the cascade will work or not. Maybe it's my palate, but it seems they have a more mild hop in there to not get in the way of the spices.

Wayne1 05-09-2008 01:45 PM

Blue Moon Belgian White was first sold commercially as Belly Slide Belgian White at the SandLot Brewery at Coors Field during the 1995 opening season.

We did do a little fine tuning of the recipe, which was developed by Dr. Keith Villa of Coors R&D. Mostly to do with the ratio of Orange Peel to Corriander.

The amounts of grains we used are roughly:
50% 2 row pale malt. (The first couple of batches were made with Great Western)
40% white wheat malt
10% flaked oats.

Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops were added for a 90 minute boil. Bittering should be around 17.5 IBU. Only one addition.

Blue Moon has always used pre-ground corriander and Valencia orange peel. Keith did not want the bitterness of Curacao oranges. He preferred the sweetness of the ground Valencia.

Try 1.25 tsp of ground corriander added to the kettle 10 minutes before the end of boil. This is for a 5-6 gallon batch.

Add 0.33tsp of ground Valencia orange peel 5 minutes before the end of boil.

The Chico strain would work well in this recipe. You want a neutral taste from the yeast. Keith has said that the flavors that should come through are the orange peel and corriander, not the yeast.

Be careful when lautering. I have made this recipe and some variations of it in three different pubs, with three different systems. I usually have trouble and end up sticking the mash. Run off very slowly.

Lil' Sparky 05-09-2008 02:03 PM

Wayne, are/were you a brewer at Coors, or did you help with the recipe before then? I didn't think they like revealing the recipes for commercial brews.

Wayne1 05-09-2008 02:37 PM

I worked for Coors as the Brewmaster of SandLot Brewery from 1995-1997.

I signed a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement that was good for one year after I left their employment. I asked about this situation when I was hired. I was told that nothing really stays secret in the industry for over a year.

The Blue Moon Recipe is pretty much the same as many other wit beers as far as the percentage of grains. Keith has mentioned the Valencia oranges in interviews. He also talked about using Hallertauer Mittlefrueh hops and ale yeast.

I am not giving away any trade secrets. The only thing really new is the ratio of corriander to orange peel. That is based on my work with the recipe post SandLot. I changed it a bit when I brewed it at the pubs I worked in after I left Coors.

I did not brew for over a year after I parted with Coors. I worked for Five Star as Director of Brewery Services. I did honor my non-disclosure/non-compete agreement.

What the recipe is now, I have no idea. What I posted above is how it was made 13 years ago.

DaleJ 05-09-2008 03:11 PM


That's awesome Wayne.
That fits right in with what I had already learned and what my mouth was telling me.
I believe they target around 5% ABV.

Sounds like some rice hulls might be in order with it as well.

Do you recall where the saccharification rest fell?

Thanks again....this is great.

Warped04 05-09-2008 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by DaleJ (Post 671440)
I did that.

Couldn't find anything to address the maybe's and unknown's.

Blue Moon. That should answer you questions.

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