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kellzey 09-02-2012 06:13 PM

Black Pug Coconut Porter...
Black Pug Coconut Porter

Batch Size = 6.0 Gallons
SG = 1.056
Bitterness = 29.8 IBUs
Color = 33.7 SRM
ABV = 6.1% (Estimated)
Efficiency = 90%

Bitterness ratio = 0.532



8 lbs Marris Otter
1 lb Caramel/Cyrstal 40L
8 oz Chocolate Malt
8 oz Roasted Barley <-- not traditionally use in a porter, but rather a Stout... so this makes sort of like a light stout or a roasted Porter
4 oz Black Patent

Mash at 152 degrees - 90 minutes
Mash out at 168-170
Fly sparge with 170-degee water for 10 minutes.


0.5 oz Northern Brewer - 60min boil
1 oz Goldings - 30 min
Whirfloc - 15minutes
0.5 oz Goldings - 5 min


White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale in 1.5L starter

Primary Ferment for 7-10 days or until FG of 1.011-1.012
Secondary for 7 days and add 24 ounces of toasted coconut to the secondary for a week! <--- toast nice and brown all over to reduce oils and minimize head retention issues

kellzey 09-02-2012 06:13 PM

I think it was successful!

The coconut is present in the nose then on the palate... and subtle.

The WLP007 Dry English Ale is a good compliment to the porter.


BrewingReverend 11-16-2012 05:35 AM

Thanks for the recipe! I made this a few months ago and it turned out very good. I bought a fresh coconut, split it and cut it in to half inch chunks and threw it in the smoker. My LHBS did not have the White Labs in stock so I went with an equivalent smack pack. The beer turned out great. Everyone seems to really love it and says its not too smokey though. Next time I would add less wood to the smoker so I could cook the coconut longer with out adding the amount of smokey flavor.

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