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adamjab19 08-08-2009 04:39 PM

Belgian Strong Recipe Critique
Looking at JZ's Classic Styles for this idea:

for 70% efficiency

11lbs belgian pils
2lbs cane sugar **
1lb wheat malt
1oz First Gold 8% 60 mins
1oz Fuggle 4% 30mins

Wyeast 1388 will make a starter out of some DME a few days before.

This will get me about 7% abv which I am fine with. IBU's are 29. Will mash at 150*f for 60mins. Is this long enough? Will collect enough for a 90 minute boil.

I picked the hops so I wouldn't have to buy 3-4oz of Styrian goldings. Bouncing around some hop substitution charts and using the six degrees separation method these seem OK.

**I plan on adding the sugar in two parts after fermentation has mellowed out because I am scared that I will get a stuck fermentation with all of the sugars in the beer at first. (First "big" beer.) Do I just dump the sugar in the fermentor or should I boil it with some water first so it's more syrupy like?

As far as managing the temp. of the fermentation I was going to start at 64*F. Do I just keep it there or is this one that I should ramp up to the low 70's?

Thanks in advance.

sonetlumiere85 08-09-2009 03:40 AM

Just add the sugar to the boil, like around 15 min. The yeast will be able to handle it with no problem, especially if you make a good starter. I don't think I'd use fuggles for a Belgian - Fuggles are a very British hop. Some good styrian goldings replacements are Yakima Goldings, Saaz, Sterling, Strisselspalt, or even Northern Brewer would work well with a Belgian strong.

adamjab19 08-09-2009 10:06 AM

Thank you for the suggestions especially the hops, I was reaching there.

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