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BaronVonMeisterburger 04-01-2012 11:25 PM

Belgian Strong Ale - critique needed stat!
Recipe Specifications

Batch Size: 5.00 gal
Estimated OG: 1.070 SG
Estimated Color: 18.9 SRM
Estimated IBU: 32.1 IBUs


Amt                  Name                                    Type          #        %/IBU       
8.0 oz                Caravienne Malt (22.0 SRM)              Grain        1        4.9 %       
4.0 oz                Special B Malt (180.0 SRM)              Grain        2        2.4 %       
8 lbs                Munich LME (14.0 SRM)                    Extract      3        78.0 %       
8.0 oz                Candi Sugar, Clear (0.5 SRM)            Sugar        4        4.9 %       
1.00 oz              Challenger [7.20 %] - Boil 60.0 min      Hop          5        23.4 IBUs   
1.00 oz              Saaz [2.40 %] - Boil 20.0 min            Hop          6        4.3 IBUs     
1.00 oz              Hallertauer [4.10 %] - Boil 10.0 min    Hop          7        4.4 IBUs     
1 lbs                Candi Syrup, Amber d-45 [Boil for 10 min Sugar        8        9.8 %       
0.75 oz              Coriander Seed (Boil 5.0 mins)          Spice        9        -           
0.50 oz              Orange Peel, Sweet (Boil 5.0 mins)      Spice        10      -           
2.0 pkg              Belgian Strong Ale (Wyeast Labs #1388) [ Yeast        11      -

I'd appreciate your comments, suggestions or even pot shots on this recipe that I am brewing tomorrow after work. :ban:

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-01-2012 11:43 PM

Munich LME is 50% two row and 50% Munich

Wyeast 1388 is allegedly the Duvel strain.

sockmerchant 04-02-2012 12:04 PM

Should be decent, but....

I would double the special b ( I like special b)

Ditch the clear candi sugar and double the amber. Clear candi is a rip off in my opinion. If you don't want extra color by using amber or dark, just use table sugar. In my experiments clear candi sugar provided no discernible taste benefits. If you already have it... Well just chuck it in :)

I would lose the corriander and orange peel. You would need a lot to stand out in this one. I have found that both spices better suit light colored Belgian beers

I've never used that yeast for this dark a beer (ie only golden Or blonde ones) but I would strongly advise keeping the fermentation temps down for the first couple of days. Around 65 to 68ish should do the trick. Then you can slowly raise it

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-02-2012 01:32 PM

Thanks for your reply.

I can add more special B. I've never used it, but it sounds like I'll like it. It will make it a brownish ale. I was going for Amberish, but I'm not too concerned about the color.

The clear candi sugar is just something I have to use this time and have since learned about alternatives.

I'll probably still use the orange peel and corriander. I've had it in some darker ales and it tastes pretty good. Ommegang Adoration comes to mind.

Thanks for the tip on fermentation temp. Luckily, the one you suggested is my default.

How long should I age this one?

sockmerchant 04-02-2012 07:48 PM

Kinda depends. You bottling or kegging?

I'm not a super patient dude, and I only have two fermenters. I usually let it ferment to my target fg and leave it another week. If I'm bottling I I'll bottle and leave it three weeks to carb up and condition for a Bit.

If I'm kegging I'd leave it cold in the keg for a week or two

After that it's anyone's guess. It's a darker beer so age might improve it. However the spices will fade over time

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-03-2012 01:12 AM

It's in the primary.

changes to the original recipe: 8oz of special B and 1 oz of orange peel.

The OG was right were it was supposed to be at 1.070. The color changed to 23.1 SRM. It's a dark amber.

Should be 7.8% ABV.

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-03-2012 01:16 AM

I'm bottling. I pretty patient. I'll probably let this one sit a while.

I lost the forum "quote post" and "edit post" buttons. That's weird.

sockmerchant 04-03-2012 03:10 AM

I think with that recipe you essentially have a dubbel.

I'd crack one open every week and see how it develops. I freakin love special b. it gives that raisony, dark fruit taste. If you dig belgians you'll know the one i'm talking about.

Currently fermenting the popular westy12 clone (the pious) that can be found in the recipes. I cant wait for that to be ready. the hydro samples taste amazing.

Also have an american brown fermenting. I chucked a bit of special b in there too. should be tasty

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-03-2012 01:16 PM

Yep, I love the raisin note found in many commercial Belgian ales. Special B didn't smell like raisins when I brewed with it. It smelled good, but not raisiny at all. I imagine it takes a while for the raisin note to develop after it's brewed.

BaronVonMeisterburger 04-03-2012 01:43 PM

Making Belgian ales seems like the fastest way to recoup my beer gear investment. Most of them are $3-$7 per 12oz at the store. This batch cost me about $1 per 12oz.

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