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jdopchibrew 02-22-2013 12:23 AM

Barleywine/ Pale ale parti-gyle help!
Hey everyone!
So I just recently discovered the practice of parti-gyle brewing, and want to give it a shot, as I am sick of throwing out grains that I KNEW could be reused. I'm a little upset at myself for not reading up on it earlier...

Anyhow! I wanted to try and make a barleywine (my first attempt) and a citra pale out of the same mash. As I understand it, I can split the first runnings off into the barleywine, and then sparge for my pale. correct?

Where I am getting lost is when I try and calculate my grainbill and my mash/sparge calculations to fit both of these styles, as well as the fact that I was hoping to brew 3 gal of the barleywine at a higher og, then top off to four or even five gallons, since I only have 2-5gal pots and a 7.5 gal pot.

I was thinking (ballpark, of course):
12# 2row
2# rye malt
.5# cc 40
.5# cc 80
.25# aromatic

the grainbill gives me (via beersmith) an og of 1.129, so how would I account for hop utilization with the barleywine? I figured I could always bump up the pale with lme if need be, but if anyone has experience with this and could give me some advice on how I'd pull this off, it'd be greatly appreciated!!

jdopchibrew 02-26-2013 12:35 AM

alright, i've adjusted my grainbill:
20# 2row
.5 # cara pils
.5# cc 40
.5# cc 60
.25# aromatic

going for 3 gal barleywine and 5 gallons of citra PA. mash 7 gal, runoff about 4.5 gal for the BW, then sparge another 6.5 for the PA. will add extract as needed, but I'm hoping this will be a good time to pinpoint my brewhouse efficiency. did I do my water calcs correctly? any pointers would be very helpful, I'm going into this feeling a little blind.

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