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Colorado68 08-20-2012 03:12 AM

Apple Pear Beer
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Thought I’d try something a little different with apple juice, pears , honey and 3068 yeast. This is a 3 gallon batch for testing.
2 ¾ gallons Tree Top 100% juice (no other ingredients)
1 ½ lbs Colorado wildflower honey
10 pears juiced (used Mr. Juicer)
1 campden
3068 Wyeast
I juiced the pears and added the campden and let it do its work. Added the apple juice and honey then pitched the 3068. SG came in at 1.070
Within half an hour the airlock was bubbling. It’s now been about 30 hours and I have a couple inches of krausen . I’ll let it sit till the krausen drops then rack to secondary and let it sit for a couple months. It’ll ferment at 70-72 degrees, so should get some banana flavors from the yeast.
This is my first post and new to brewing. I've done 4 AG's and this is my 5th brew, so pardon my ignorance when I ask if this is considered beer or cider

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